Jerry Jones' 3 Birthday Wishes

Jerry Jones blew out the candles on his 66th birthday cake on Monday. But he's on the verge of not being granted any of his three wishes.

WISH 1: That franchise QB Tony Romo could avoid injury following the signing of his fat contract.

Wish not granted.

Romo sustained a broken pinkie finger on Sunday, and while it could've been worse – I believe Arizona pounded him on at least half of his passing attempts – the three games he'll miss could mean a season-changing stint right now for backup QB Brad Johnson.

Listen, as a native Minnesotan, I've watched every game Brad Johnson's started in recent years. Sorry, "Bull,'' but that term in Minnesota wasn't pretty. … and I'm concerned that it won't be this time around, either.

Check out the next three games on the schedule, and let's read ‘em with some optimism (however unfounded that optimism might be at this moment): The Rams, this weekend's foe, are a win. The Giants, three weeks from now, are a loss. In between comes tough Tampa Bay (another of Brad's old Super Bowl stomping grounds) and if Dallas manages to lose that one, it would make the Cowboys 1-2 during Romo's absence.

Of course, 1-2 is what Dallas has been during the last three games during Romo's presence. So what's the difference?

Seriously, the Cowboys have some serious adjustments to make on offense to come out of this deal (and into the much-needed-for-Tony's-pinkie bye a month from now) with something better than a 5-4 record. As erratic as Romo has been, his mobility and arm strength have salvaged countless snaps.

"Mobility'' and "arm strength'' are not 40-year-old Brad Johnson's strengths. (You think T.O. is displeased now? Wait until he sprints 50 yards down the sideline for a pass that only travels 30 yards.)

Honestly, "Brad Johnson's Strengths'' is not a category that requires much typing. I could compile that list with two broken pinkies.

WISH 2: That the results from Arizona wouldn't damage Dallas in the standings.

Wish in the process of not being granted.

Dallas is 4-2. Outside of the NFC East, Arizona now believes it is a contender in the NFC, as does Minnesota. Oh, and Green Bay and Chicago and Atlanta and Tampa and pretty much everybody else. Inside the rugged NFC East, Washington and Philly can both claim they are on the Cowboys' level. And the Giants – remember them? The defending Super Bowl champs? – get a chance Monday night against struggling Cleveland to put some distance between themselves and the field.

WISH 3: That Pacman Jones would behave. … or, at least, when he misbehaved, Roger Goodell wouldn't notice.

Wish is the process of not being granted, as well.

The commissioner just happened to be in town last week when Pacman decided he wasn't the fairest of them all and allegedly punched a hotel mirror. And then he decided he was Whitney Houston and allegedly punched his bodyguard. And then he allegedly claimed he was protecting the honor of the lady who was with him on a date. (And if you are the lady dating Pacman Jones, your honor probably needs a lifetime warranty of protection.)

And now the commissioner is apparently coming to Dallas again for a meeting with Jones and an investigation. One corner, Terence Newman, is already out. (Oh, throw Felix Jones on the short-term injury report and Mat McBriar on the long-term injury list, too.) And now Pacman could join him in street clothes for a few weeks?

Some critics are already calling for Jerry and Wade to slap some players around because the Cowboys are 1-2 in their last three. Of course, those same critics loved Jerry and Wade's marshmallow ways when the same players were 3-0.

The critics are reactionary flip-floppers who must be ignored. Goodell cannot be ignored, and will come bearing judgment, not gifts.

No happy birthday for Jerry Jones.

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