Q&A with QB coach Wade Wilson

The Ranch Report checks in with Dallas QB coach Wade Wilson to get his thoughts on Brad Johnson as the starter, a realistic time frame for Tony Romo's return, and much more.

You've been through all this before as a player — how confident are you that Brad (Johnson) can step in and do what he needs to do?
A: Very confident. He is such a smart guy, and he prepares every week just like he's going to play. He hasn't played much this year, or played at all, but his preparation is always the same. So I'm very confident — he's been through the wars, he's been to the Super Bowl, so there's nothing that's going to overwhelm him.

How different is it for the offensive line when the quarterbacks are do different?
A: I don't see that there would be a whole lot of change there. Of course, we always want to protect the quarterback, whoever is back there. Brad's not quite as mobile as Tony (Romo) is, but I think that he'll be able to recognize things, and get the ball out just as quick.

Do you change the offense at all, with the switch?
A: No, the offense is not going to change at all, from a style standpoint. We'll limit some of the volume, because Brad hasn't had reps, in practice or games, so that's the main thing — we just pare it down a little bit.

Q: Did you ever have a busted pinky when you threw?
A: I had a busted thumb, but never a broken pinky — no. (Romo) has it in a cast right now, so he'll take it out there. He's thrown a little bit in the bubble (the Cowboys' indoor practice facility), but there's some pain involved, and it's how much vibration he can take, either at the snap or getting hit again. So total damage would be the main concern, I would think.

Is it an injury that has to be fully healed before he can come back?
A: You know, I'm not able to speak on that. Jim (Maurer, the team's head trainer) would be more (able). I think the risk of doing further damage would be the big concern.

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