Q&A with Mike Jenkins

IRVING, Tex. -Rookie cornerback Mike Jenkins visited with RanchReport.com to discuss a number of topics, including the return of Terence Newman to the Dallas lineup and the pulled right hamstring Jenkins suffered Sunday in the Cowboys' victory over San Francisco.

Q: Have you ever had to overcome an injury like this?
A: No, this is my first time. The only thing I had in college was a sprained ankle.

Q: Do you have any idea how much time you're going to be down? Is it just this (Thanksgiving) game?
A: Probably just this game. I think I could have gotten back toward the end of this week, but since this is a short week, I'm probably going to miss Thursday.

Q: Did you think it was serious when it first happened?
A: Yeah, I did — it was my first time experiencing something like that. I knew it wasn't torn. I actually thought it was pulled.

Q: Was it important for you, from your perspective, that Terence (Newman) came back? What kind of difference does a guy like that make on your secondary? A: It makes a big difference. You want a lot of guys like that. If I was a coach, I'd want a team full of guys like that. That makes a big difference, just a guy coming in, bringing a lot of confidence and swagger to the defense, another element to the defense that will boost us up. It was there (when Newman was out) — he just brings more, and you can always use more. Q: With Pacman (Jones) coming back, how do you think that's going to change your role, what you do.
A: My role will be pretty much the same thing. I came in on the dime situations, and I'm still in those packages right now, but it's probably going to limit my playing time, as far as going in on base (defense) with (Newman and Jones) coming back. But at the same time, it's helping the team, so that's not really something I can take control of or even try to worry about right now, because I have no control over it — period.

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