Fire Your Ego!

The statement is nothing prophetic and should be adhered to by all. There is absolutely nothing wrong with confidence and resoluteness. Both are needed for individual and group success. The question has to asked, "Is a person more respected for admitting fault and recognizing mistakes, or maintaining the facade of "all is well?"

See, this is where ego jumps in and completely scrambles anything close to reality. Saying "It didn't work," is not easy for most, let alone a self-made billionaire. Egomaniacs refuse to allow clarity or self-assessment to enter the picture. There's just no denting or altering the bullet proof façade.

With this backdrop, Dallas Cowboys' fans, you have a huge question to ask yourselves. Can you live with the current state of affairs at Valley Ranch? If your answer is "no," then you have a huge decision to make. You must reside to accept things as they are, or you need to find another team to support. Blasphemy you say? Being one of the Blue Star loyalists myself, this is one substantial, difficult and very large pill to swallow. It may be the Catch 22 of all Catch 22's. We love our Dallas Cowboys, right? No harm or shame in that. Loyalty and devotion have always reigned supreme with me as it relates to sports in general, but it makes this conundrum all the more perplexing.

As things stand today, Jerry Jones is riding with his current coaching staff. The debate whether this decision is right or wrong will provide enough fodder for the entire off season. Personal commentary on this subject will be addressed later in this space. Any personnel change will bring about some type of result(s), good or bad. Is change needed at Valley Ranch? Very much so, but it's most difficult to address a situation which appears destined never to change. Thus, is it worth discussing or even talking about? I hate spending time on things over which I have absolutely no control, but in this case, I feel I owe it to the ticket paying and merchandise purchasing, devout fans. It really is a question of loyalty vs. sanity.

The given is the Jones family will own the Dallas Cowboys for decades to come. I profess in 97% of all organizational matters, this is a great thing. A great thing. Every Cowboys' fan should want the Jones family owning this franchise. The merits can be argued endlessly, but hang your Cowboy hats on the following positive aspects; family-driven, resourceful, risk tolerant, an immense desire to win, and an insatiable appetite for recognition and exposure. These traits and characteristics will keep the Cowboys "in play" much, if not all, during the Jones' tenure. No single ownership group has had as much impact on the NFL over the last 20 years than the Jones family. None.

For all that's right about Jones' family ownership, here's the one downfall, and it's monstrous. It's a sad day when I turn to the WWF for a "voice of reason," but in this case, The Rock, aka Dwayne Johnson has the Cowboys conundrum pegged. No nail could be hit more squarely on the head. He simply professes, "Know Your Role."

"Know Your Role."

Let that one sink in for a while. When you own something, ownership privileges alone allow you to do anything, within the laws of the land, you desire. Jerry being the self-appointed Owner, President and General Manager of the Dallas Cowboys football organization is both a right and a stark reality. It cannot be argued or disputed. When you own, you rule. Exclusively. And herein lies the problem, and it's a biggie. The only person capable of making any changes at the General Manager level is the President or Owner. Nothing wrong with that, unless all three positions are occupied by the same person. It's here fans that you have a huge decision to make.

I openly profess as long as Jerry Jones remains the General Manager of our beloved organization, additional championships will be very few, and if any drift the Cowboys way, it will be through sheer determination and luck. No one questions Jerry's work ethic and desire to succeed. How could you? Look at all the man has done, and he's about ready to open a sports venue unlike any seen in the entire world. That doesn't just happen. You earn that right and honor. It doesn't just fall in your lap. As much as Jerry continues to grind in the GM role, the harder and worse things get. Seems odd that the harder you work, the worse things get, doesn't it? It almost defies logic. So, why are the Cowboys trying to defy logic? They're not. They just happen to be encountering the most stubborn and immovable of all objects.


Ego, ego, ego. Immovable. An ego will not allow or admit failure. Won't let it even enter the conversation. Dismissed from the onset of any discussion. So much so that it makes the egomaniac dig the heels in harder and further. To what? To attempt to completely dispel reality. Are you starting to see the dynamics at work here? How in the world do you dispel reality? "It Is What It Is" is the definition of reality, is it not? Dallas Cowboys' fans, we have a General Manager attempting to change reality! Unless I'm missing something, there is only one entity that has any say in reality. Is that not the Creator of reality himself?

This is not meant to be a lesson in either philosophy or logistics; it's simply a look into the fandom mirror. You must know what is staring back at you when you don the label of Cowboys faithful. I'd like to offer up a suggestion for all those seeking therapy, medical advice or pharmaceutical assistance following this 2008 campaign. You're wasting your money. Stop banging your head into the wall regarding Wade Phillips' employ. It won't and doesn't matter! It simply doesn't. Until Jerry Jones is willing to adopt and integrate the Dwayne Johnson statement of reality and life doctrine, then none of it matters, people!! Zip. Nada. Zilch. Nothing.

"Know Your Role."

Folks, have you listened to the post season press conferences? Who's writing this stuff, Steven King? Has to be as I've never heard anything more frightening in my entire life. Following yesterday's proclamations, I've completely lost all respect for Wade Phillips as Head Coach of the Dallas Cowboys. Yes, I said "all." Wade has been instructed to change. He's being directed (insert puppet string here) to alter his core. Huh? Change your core? Could there be any more demeaning instruction than that? Yeah, there is. Going public with it!!! What is going on here, people? As the words rolled, I just pictured the collective cringes of Bradie James, DeMarcus Ware, Jay Ratliff, Terence Newman, Jason Witten, Marc Colombo and Marion Barber III. Whatever, if any, respect they had for their head coach had to completely evaporate in the North Texas breeze.

Cowboys' fans, there is a severe state of affairs going on at Valley Ranch. This thing is quickly headed the direction of the post Jimmy Johnson and the pre-Bill Parcells era! Does anyone really want to slosh around in that quagmire again? Is Wade Phillips the man for this job? No, he's not. Who is? Doesn't matter. Even if I could identify him right here, right now, he's not coming here. Not if he is the man I think he is. How could you? The right head coach is never going to have the proper latitude and spectrum on which to operate. Not as long as Dwayne Johnson philosophy and the current General Manager continue to butt heads. It can't and won't happen. The Dallas Cowboys' Head Coach's hands are tied, regardless of who it is, from Day One. Tied. Do you want that job?

History says Jimmy Johnson and Jerry Jones combined resources, collegiate talent evaluation and coaching ability with luck. The net result? Three World Championships and subsequent Lombardi trophies. The organizational ‘Hay Days." And if not for one gigantic, monumental, 7:21 first quarter, Grand Canyon-sized hole in the Bay, it could have easily been four straight! There were many, many factors at work producing the early 90's successes, but what was the downfall? What put an end to that glorious run of pigskin supremacy?

EGO... "Know Your Role"

Yup, that's where it all started. Who deserves the credit? Who's getting the credit? Two egomaniacs that couldn't play in the same sandbox. Unfortunately, there was no playground monitor to separate and educate the two adolescents. So, each takes their ball and goes home. Nice. Strike One!

Jerry is left to navigate the waters alone, and the results speak for themselves. The closest Jerry has ever come to permitting a head coach (post Jimmy Johnson) to operate as a true head coach was the hire of Bill Parcells. This is not meant to debate the merits of Bill Parcells, but things changed. You decide whether good or bad, but things changed when Jerry acquiesced power and voice. The football operation became respectable and character was altered to the favorable side. The core and foundation of a football team was being constructed. It slowly built upon itself, and as the clocked ticked and patience screamed, here comes the ol' Dallas Cowboys' deal breaker.

Enter EGO. Again.

Jerry could not wait, and he could not resist. Enter Terrell Owens. Exit Bill Parcells. Strike Two. Patience and building blocks were sacrificed for star power and glitz. Why can't the helmet be the only thing that glitters within this organization? It used to speak for itself, way back when, but now everyone has to outtalk and overshadow the shimmer. Somewhere in the mix, the integrity of the Dallas Cowboys has been lost! Newsflash: it's not coming back any time soon!! Bank it. Ego has infiltrated the rank and file. Everyone has a personal agenda. Loose lips sink ships. This one is going down! And nice guy Wade Phillips will continue to be the scapegoat, punching bag. Oh, the irony. I weep for the future!

Lord, thank you. Thank you for Tex Schramm and Coach Landry. Thank you for your undeserved blessings on this organization throughout the years. Lord, intervene. If it's Your Will, intervene. It appears your children are incapable of seeing their blemishes and imperfections. If it's Your Will, please show the decision-makers the dynamics of "ego" and the historical wake that follows. There are many-a-pages, both Old and New, which paint the egotistical picture, and as the truth bears, it's not pretty.

Quite simply, Jerry needs to be the bigger man and try something different when it comes to the GM role. That's if, and only if, he truly wants to win and build a cohesive "TEAM." The fact is his EGO is larger than life, and any change of the "need" nature is an admission of failure in Jerry's mind, and his EGO is not strong enough to absorb that hit. So, folks, it appears EGO, once again, has won, and as long as EGO continues to prevail, our beloved Cowboys are doomed and resolved to mere NFL mediocrity! Strike three.

Come on Jerry, look in the damn mirror. If it isn't talking back to you, then either get a new mirror or reside yourself to the fact you are the General Manager of The Island of Misfit Toys!! And the fact remains, "No one wants a Terrell in the Box!!" Wake up!

Merry Christmas to All, and to All, a Good Night!!

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