Pacman Release a No-Brainer

IRVING, TX. - The acquisition of Pacman Jones was a no-brainer. Unfortunately, "no-brainer'' also may serve as a neurological diagnosis of the guy. So the Friday release of Pacman Jones is a no-brainer, too.

The Cowboys announced on Wednesday afternoon that come Friday, the opening of the NFL's waiver window, the gifted-but-problematic Jones will be released.

What a waste – not for the Cowboys themselves, who will now forfeit to Tennessee their sixth-round pick to complete last offseason's controversial transaction. But what a waste of talent is Adam Jones, who when his head is screwed on is fully capable of justifying having been the sixth pick in the 2005 NFL Draft, of being considered a premier corner and returner, and of receiving from Dallas that four-year $13.3-million contract.

Financially speaking, the Cowboys knew what they were getting into when they acquired Jones in April for a fourth-round pick. He tiptoed on the thin ice of league suspension due to his chronic boneheadedness. But Dallas owner Jerry Jones correctly anticipated Pacman's Aug. 28 reinstatement.

All along though, Cowboys management celebrated their wisdom in giving Pacman a nice contract with no guaranteed money. You know, just in case.

Just in case Pacman would choose to still hangout in clubs. Which he did.

Just in case Pacman would choose to pick a fight with a bodyguard. His own bodyguard. Who was hired for him by the team. Which he did.

Just in case Pacman would prove to be an underproductive punt returner averaging just 4.5 yards per. Which he did.

Just in case Pacman would go the entire season with a reputation as a playmaker belied by the fact that he never recorded an interception. Which he did.

Just in case Pacman would prove to be a locker-room distraction. Which he did.

One of the local TV reports on the coming release is stating that "Jerry Jones took a huge gamble'' in acquiring Pacman, and that is simply wrong.

The picks are relatively insignificant in regard to risk/reward.

They money is completely insignificant; in fact, Dallas will also gain $1 million in salary-cap space for 2009. Pacman didn't play at a Pro Bowl-level, but had he not been on the team, rookie Mike Jenkins might've gotten his playing time and Mike Jenkins wasn't destined for the Pro Bowl, either.

Maybe the Cowboys will learn some personnel-department lesson about character vs. "characters,'' or some cliché like that.

But ultimately, this isn't about the Cowboys being stupid. This is about the failure of Pacman Jones, a true "no-brainer.''

Especially if it turns out to be true that the reason the Cowboys made this move is due to allegations that Jones arranged for someone to shoot at three men outside an Atlanta strip club.

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