T.O. saga not finished

Despite what you might be reading elsewhere, The Ranch Report has the latest on what could very well be going down with Terrell Owens.

It's hard to argue against Terrell Owens leaving the Dallas Cowboys.

Since his signing three years ago, he's been as productive as any wide receiver in the National Football League.

Simply put, he's done exactly what he was brought to Dallas to do: catch a lot of passes, score a lot of touchdowns and strengthen his status as one of the top playmakers in the league.

Honestly, no one in their right mind can argue his stats:

2006: 85 catches, 1,180 yards, 13 touchdowns
2007: 81 catches, 1,355 yards, 15 touchdowns
2008: 69 catches, 1,052 yards and 10 touchdowns

Strangely enough, one in their right mind could argue that he definitely belongs back on the team either.

Despite his production on the field, his relationship with the team off the field has hurt the Cowboys in a number of ways.

From a strained relationship QB Tony Romo to a public feud with TE Jason Witten, Owens has slowly but surely started creating more problems than the team can handle.

And keep in mind this is already a team whose chemistry has come into serious question.

In fact, multiple sources have told TheRanchReport.com within the last 24 hours the possibility of Terrell Owens not returning to Dallas remains as strong as it ever has, and that support for Owens on the team has dwindled tremendously during the offseason.

One source close to the team told The Ranch Report, "The only players that want him back are some of the wide receivers- and those are mostly the backup guys."

Of course, controversy is nothing new to Owens.

With his previous two teams he had a falling out with two of his starting quarterbacks in Jeff Garcia (San Francisco) and Donovan McNabb (Philadelphia), not to mention several assistant coaches/coordinators.

His first year in Dallas was relatively quiet and after a strong second season that saw him catch 15 touchdowns, most in the organization were able to look past team chemistry rumors as well as other issues.

But now, with three years in the books, things have changed.

The Cowboys were thought of as the most talented team in the league this past season but they failed to make the playoffs as the team unraveled down the stretch.

Owens was thought to play a significant role in that unraveling tensions in the locker room grew between him and a plethora of players- including Romo and Witten.

Sure there were other issues that played a major factor in Dallas missing the postseason, but obviously the lack of togetherness with many of the key players was just as big.

So what happens next?

The timing of such a move remains to be seen, however sources maintain the chances of Owens returning to Dallas for the 2009 season are "not good."

Stay tuned.

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