No splash?

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones threw cold water on all the Ray Lewis to Dallas speculation when he said he didn't think the Cowboys would be making a big splash in free agency.

It would seem that Jones plans to stand pat and try to make another Super Bowl run with the same players and coaches who underachieved like no other in team history last year.

That thought has many Cowboys fans disillusioned about the upcoming season. But Jones said there are many reasons to be optimistic, starting with quarterback Tony Romo.

"We'll get better quarterbacking," Jones said. "Tony (Romo) is early in his career. I'm not going to say that we're going to have him for 16 games and through the playoffs. We all know the injury factor isn't something you can plan on. We need to do a better job when we don't have him at quarterback. ... I think Tony will be better. When you look at the games he played in, it'd surprise you as to how well he played compared to the year before. He played well in our complete analysis of his year."

To that end, Jones said the biggest priority for the offseason was getting Romo more comfortable and more help.

"I think being as Romo-friendly as our team can be." Jones said. "Romo-friendly means let's utilize his skills to the fullest and make sure everything we do maximizes his abilities."

Defensively Jones said the Cowboys need to create more turnovers.

"I'd like to see us get turnovers," Jones said. "I'd put that right behind the quarterbacking -- getting defensive turnovers. Eliminating some turnovers, maybe that ought to go right in there on the offense."

Jones said his feeling about his team is backed up by owners and general managers across the league who are constantly calling the Cowboys looking to acquire players in a trade. He is further emboldened by trade requests for three of the Cowboys' backup players.

"That's pretty good shape when you're sitting trying to get backups traded for," Jones said.

From Jones' point of view, talent wasn't the problem, nor was it chemistry or coaching. He said the Cowboys didn't perform when they needed to last season.

"You have to dominate," Jones said. "You have to perform. You have to win."

NOTES: --CB Pacman Jones has yet to sign with a team, but he believes he will find a home in the NFL next season after being cut by the Cowboys.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones didn't necessarily close the door on a return for Pacman Jones to the Cowboys. But he made it clear that both are better off with Pacman out of the Cowboys' locker room.

"I'm not going to go that far," Jerry Jones said when asked if Pacman was gone for good. "That's pretty sweeping; it covers a lot. But he's better off, and we're better off him not being on our roster."

--The Cowboys are getting closer and closer to completing a $1.1 billion new stadium in Arlington that owner Jerry Jones believes will set the standard for all other stadiums in the future.

Sometimes called Jerry World, the stadium will be a veritable Taj Mahal. But Jerry Jones said it's not his legacy any more than these are his Cowboys. He said the new stadium is for the fans and the team.

"I want it to be the Cowboys, I'm not trying to be modest," Jones said. "I don't prefer the reference of Jerry's Place or Jerry's World. I really don't. Because it really is not what our commitment was made to do. ... I really did up the investment in the stadium for one and one reason only -- the visibility and the tradition and where I hope the Cowboys are 30, 40 and 50 years from now."

--Cowboys owner Jerry Jones sees no problem with the way discipline and fines were handed out last season. But he acknowledges that the Cowboys need to correct their perception of being soft on crime.

So how do you correct the perception?

"I'm not so sure about that," Jones said. "I don't want to go as far as announcing every fine we give. There is a certain element of discipline that I think all of the other members of the team ought to know about it."

QUOTE TO NOTE: "It's beyond anything I ever could have imagined, being part of the Cowboys, the NFL and sports for 20 years. The positives far outweigh the negatives that I can think of. I'd like to have won more Super Bowls. I really would've liked to have won more Super Bowls." -- Jerry Jones on his 20 years as owner of the Cowboys.

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