Will Parcells Keep Emmitt?

Now that Bill Parcells is starting to make moves with his coaching staff, you can bet that it won't take long for him to address Emmitt Smith's situation. Will the NFL's all-time leading rusher wear the silver and blue for one more year?

You bet he will, and you want to know why? Because Bill Parcells is loyal; he's loyal to his best players and he's loyal to the people that will help him get what he wants.

This isn't rocket science folks. Emmitt Smith hasn't been properly utilized even though he has the potential and the ability to do so much more. The 33-year old running back still has some gas left in the tank, and it's up to Bill Parcells and the new coaching staff to figure out a way to use it.

"This is a thing that we will have to discuss as an organization," said Parcells in regards to Emmitt's situation. "We'll have to talk about that, and Jerry will have to talk about Emmitt and see where he is and what's going on."

While Jerry Jones is privately leaning to getting rid of the NFL's all-time leading rusher, don't necessarily count on that to be his final decision.

Even though he failed to top the 1000-yard mark for the first time in ages, he still has the ability to be a productive running back in the National Football League.

More importantly he still has the ability to help get this team back where it belongs- in the playoffs.

"I can still play this game," Emmitt Smith said earlier this year. "I can still do it, and I plan on doing it until I no longer can. All you guys want to talk about me retiring, but it hasn't gotten to that point yet."

While Smith may be confident, the big key here still revolves around his expected salary. Emmitt Smith is penciled in to count as a $9.8 million hit against the salary cap next season, and Jerry Jones simply won't allow that to happen. It's just too much for an aging running back.

However, the former Florida Gator has already opening admitted that he's willing to restructure his current deal in order to get the job done as the Cowboys' running back next season.

He's willing to make the sacrifice to end his career in the silver and blue. It's time for the Cowboys to own up, and meet Emmitt Smith halfway.

Like it or not, Emmitt Smith is still the best running back on the roster. Even though he didn't have his most productive season on record, you have to believe that part of that was due to the overall poor play on the offensive line.

If the organization wants to bring in a younger back to learn the ways of the National Football League under Smith- that's fine. But don't let him get away and play for another team.

Don't let him come back and haunt you down the road. Let him finish his career in Dallas, and let him ride into the NFL sunset in style.

Both Emmitt and the Cowboys' organization will be better because of it.

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