Heir Apparent?

The rap on former Texas A&M quarterback Stephen McGee is that he's a run-first quarterback whose playground style and ad-lib mentality will not cover for adequate-at-best arm strength and throwing mechanics and will cause his coaches to have heart failure.

Sound familiar?

McGee was not being drafted to replace Tony Romo, at least not any time soon. Should anything happen to Romo, Jon Kitna was brought in over the offseason to fill in, so McGee's job is to study and soak up everything he can from Romo and Kitna. If he has to play at all this season, there is major cause for concern.

McGee is a shade under 6-foot-3, weighs 225 pounds and has been clocked at 4.66 in the 40. Depending on which credentials are considered, he looks either very good or very bad.

On one hand, he's a great athlete who runs well, has Romo-esque improvisational ability and is very adept — and more importantly, accurate — throwing on the run. On the other hand, though, his arm strength is considered average at best, he has small hands, his throwing mechanics are questionable and he is seen as having "happy feet," preferring to take off and run rather than stand in the pocket.

In fact, he's somewhere in between the two. His overall athleticism is exceptional, and while his mechanics are somewhat unorthodox, he gets the ball to its target, throwing for 5,475 yards as a four-year starter in a run-first offense at Texas A&M. That fact is notable because at a school that has had a long history of productive running backs, McGee led his team in passing and rushing as a junior.

There is some concern about whether his aggressive running hurt his stock, as a shoulder injury limited him to just three games as a senior. But the fact that he played through a torn arm muscle in 2006 should alleviate concerns about his toughness.

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