Cowboys practice facility collapses

IRVING, Tex. - Amid a major storm, the Dallas Cowboys indoor practice facility collapsed Saturday.

Several players and members of the media were trapped inside temporarily, and there have now been more than 10 injuries confirmed.

Cowboys officials just informed The Ranch Report that all players are indeed safe, however several members of the Cowboys' support staff have already been taken to the hospital.

Several members of the media have also been injured, although initially it appears none of those injuries are considered major.

The collapse ended Saturday's rookie mini-camp session.

A tornado watch was posted Saturday afternoon for the entire metroplex and several published reports have now indicated a tornado was responsible for the majority of the damage.

Jerry Jones told NBC at 4:00 PM Central Time that indeed a tornado was likely responsible for the collapse of the building.

The Ranch Report's Steve Lansdale said, "The light fixtures at the top of the facility starting swaying and then it became obvious the walls were closing in.

"I started running for the door and as I did, the glass on the door was already starting to crack. It was mass pandemonium."

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