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Tony Romo finally broke his offseason silence in speaking to the media on the first day of organized team activities.

But he wasn't exactly illuminating.

But he finally answered the burning questions about the departure of Terrell Owens, Jerry Jones' making the team more "Romo friendly" and his seemingly carefree attitude that fans say drives them crazy.

So did Romo really have a hand in Owens' departure?

It was no secret that the two feuded on occasion last season, dividing the locker room and fueling controversy that seemed a hindrance to the on-field product down the stretch.

"That's not up to any of us players to decide," said Romo, who is distancing himself from Jones' decision to axe Owens. "That's why we're players. The organization and management decides those things. We're all at risk every offseason, depending upon everything. You always want to go out there and try to have all the guys you play with every year. That just doesn't happen. We have to go with the guys we have here now, go forward and keep improving."

Owens is gone, but how the Cowboys replace his production means much drama remains in the building. He is the only receiver in the league to record at least 10 touchdowns in each of the last three years and he is a big reason Romo became a Pro Bowl quarterback. Romo said he isn't worried.

"It's going to figure itself out," Romo said. "Either you're going to be able to or not. He's a great player and it's always difficult to replace someone who's had the success and been the dominant player he's been over the years. But guys have to step up and pick up the slack. Guys are working hard, I know that. Whether they're going to do it, we're going to find out this year. But I definitely have confidence in the young guys to step up and perform."

Romo said he likes what the Cowboys have in Roy Williams, Sam Hurd, Miles Austin and Patrick Crayton. He and Williams have been working out together since March 2 to work on chemistry and develop a relationship.

"He's worked real hard this offseason," Romo said. "We came in in February. We got in there with (strength coach) Joe Juraszek and he's really made an emphasis to try to come in in great shape, to get stronger and it's exciting to see him. He had a great first day today. I think you guys saw some of the routes he ran and they were pretty good. I'm excited to see him keep progressing and see where this can go."

For his part Romo said injuries played a bigger part in the team's downfall last season than poor chemistry. He wouldn't suggest that subtracting one player -- Owens -- automatically makes the Cowboys a better team. But he does believe a healthy Cowboys team has a chance to improve.

"I don't know that the chemistry was that different last year than the year before, but we went 13-3," Romo said. "So, I think injuries were a part of it. I think people not performing up to all of our own levels that we might be able to perform up to. I think we all looked at ourselves and wished we would have played better last year in certain games and in certain situations. You go back and you look at it and you try to improve and you try to fix it for the next time. And that's all you can do as a competitor."

Still, the departure of Owens and the years of poor play in December and January only put pressure on Romo and Cowboys to win this season. There are no more excuses as to why they can't make the playoffs -- and win a playoff game for the first time since 1996.

Romo said there always has been pressure in Dallas and they aren't going to worry about winning a playoff game. They are just going to go about getting better now.

"It's always hard to replace a guy who is as good a player as he is," Romo said. "That's happened a few times where we lose a guy that is a good player for whatever reason.

"I think that it's just another season, there is always pressure, there is no more or less than any year than another year -- it's always, 'You've got to win the Super Bowl this year, you got a new season.' Our approach is a little different in that we are going to be better today. All we can do is control today. That's what the Dallas Cowboys are going forward now on. We aren't going to sit here and talk about what's tomorrow and those things. All we can control is right now, and that's what this team is doing."

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