The grand opening

The Cowboys held a grand opening of their new $1.15 billion stadium on Wednesday.

It is, as expected -- a grand facility.

The stadium has no equal in the NFL, and few outdoor sports arenas will compare. With glass all around and architectural features that are museum quality, Cowboys Stadium is the Taj Mahal of buildings of its kind.

Owner Jerry Jones is proud of his new facility. He has nurtured the project from conception to completion. Jones compared the stadium feeling to that of winning a Super Bowl. He doesn't know if he would trade the stadium for a Super Bowl trophy.

"The stadium -- not the opening but just the stadium -- certainly for me (is) on the level of the experience of winning the Super Bowl. It's at the same level," Jones said. "I hope He doesn't ask me to trade this stadium for a Super Bowl. This one I can do more about. Frankly, I have more control over this one."

In a season in which the Cowboys have tried to temper expectations, the stadium has caused Jones to ratchet them right back up.

The stadium is second to none. He expects the football team to live up to the quality of the stadium.

"I think so," Jones said. "I have always thought that it was an element of added pressure to be a member of the Cowboys. It's about expectations. I expect every player that plays on this field to play above their level. That's how you are going to stay here. I do have high expectations. You can't put something up like this and not expect the team to reflect the quality of stadium."

The Cowboys had hoped to be an under-the-radar team in the NFC after last season's disappointing and volatile 9-7 campaign. As per usual with Dallas, there is no way the Cowboys will "fly under the radar." If that wasn't already assured, the team's brand new stadium that will be showcased to the world cinches more attention will be afforded Jones' team.

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