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CB Terence Newman has been injured the past two years but he says he is as healthy has he has been in a while and looking for a big season in 2009.

He missed six games last year but had to play through some injuries.

"The fact that I was out for a while, tried to play with it ... played terrible," Newman said in a recent interview. "I came back and played better but I was never fully healthy last year. January, I had some bone spurs that I've had for a while, and I finally decided to address that. Right now my body has felt (the best) it's felt in a while.

"With the injuries, you start to walk different and your body starts to adapt to that for the compensation. Now I have to re-teach my body certain things. It's been a work in progress but it's coming along."

BREAKOUT CAMPAIGN? Second-year tight end Martellus Bennett is poised for a breakout season. He's in position to be a regular contributor for multiple reasons, including the Cowboys' plan to use multiple-tight end sets more often. Another reason is, he's no longer the class clown. He is listening and adhering to the teachings of tight ends coach John Garrett.

"I understand him," Bennett said of Garrett. "I actually forgot what works. If you listen to the coach it works if you just do what he says. It's hard as an athlete though. As an athlete when you've been doing something some way for so long and it's been working for so long and a coach tries to break your habits, it's kind of hard.

"I'll be like, 'This is the way I do it.' So I finally broke down, and what he says is 'drinking the Kool-Aid.' I'm finally drinking the Kool-Aid, so I'm just trying to do everything they tell me to do with the technique and everything and become an even better player."

THE TIME IS NOW: LB Bobby Carpenter has started just one game since being drafted in the first round in 2006. The time is now for him to make a contribution. He knows it and the coaches know it. He will get a chance to be the starting nickel linebacker next season.

"He knows and we know it's the time now for him to come through," coach Wade Phillips said. "Whether it's us giving him more opportunity or not, the past is the past and we are going forward. I think Bobby is looking forward to this season and we are too as far as him being able to play and contribute a lot more."

QUOTE TO NOTE: "He was the quarterback of the team. I think everybody realized that. It was upon him to adopt that leadership role and carry that out. Obviously, they saw that didn't happen. So, for whatever reason, I'll be the scapegoat. I'm not here. Now, it's his team. You know, and I wish him well." -- Former Cowboys receiver Terrell Owens on the notion that he had to leave for Tony Romo to develop as a leader.

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