Aikman? Are you Serious?

The reports have already surfaced about an impending meeting between Bill Parcells and former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman. There's only one question I have about this whole ordeal....why?

First things first, is Troy Aikman seriously considering a comeback with the Dallas Cowboys?

Probably not.

However, according to published reports on ESPN and The Dallas Morning News, he's willing to listen if Bill Parcells is talking.

"If Bill Parcells were to come to my home and tell me how much he wanted me to play and how much I could help him and the team win, I think it would be worth considering. Don't know then that I would do it, but how could you not at least hear him out," said Aikman.

Troy ended his Dallas days with 2,898 completions on 4,715 pass attempts for 32,942 total yards. He has thrown 165 touchdown passes and 141 interceptions, but the biggest measure of his value as a quarterback was his leadership abilities.

And perhaps that's why Bill Parcells would even consider talking to the former All-Pro. With no established quarterback on the roster, it seems almost unfathomable to not consider every single option out there- even Aikman.

After all, he's won three Super Bowls and he's headed towards eternal glory in the National Football League's Hall of Fame. But why in the world would he even consider something like this? At a time a like this?

To say that the Cowboys have struggled in each of the past three seasons would be an understatement. Consecutive 5-11 campaigns under Dave Campo led to the hiring of Bill Parcells.

And while a new coaching staff can make a difference, it's not the coaches that get out there and block, it's the players. I won't be the first to tell you that the Cowboys just don't have them- especially on the offensive line.

For those of you that don't remember, Aikman retired because his body was telling him to. The constant pounding he went through during his final year in Dallas simply wouldn't allow him to continue playing.

"I know it's the right thing. I know it's the right thing for me because of my health, concussions, the back problems I've had. It took its toll on me," said Aikman at the press conference announcing his retirement back in April of 2001.

However, that's not stopping the media from investigating this possibility, and now it appears it's not going to stop Jerry Jones either.

"When we see some of these veteran quarterbacks like they are having success with in Oakland, then we know Troy, with his skill level, could still have a lot of success in the NFL," said Jones.

"He's someone who has been as integral a part of the Cowboys' success over the last 12 or 13 years as anyone living. So it deserves that kind of a thought from me."

While it may deserve a thought or two, that's about all of the attention that really needs to go this fit for TV drama.

The fact is the Cowboys need to go in a different direction at quarterback. Aikman retired two years ago because of health concerns, and looking at the Cowboys current situation on the offensive line, he may not have a better chance of success next season.

Furthermore, he's already been out of the league for two years and he's established himself as one of Fox Sports' top color commentators.
And that's only considering Aikman's point of view. What about the Dallas Cowboys' organization?

For Jerry Jones and company, there's no doubt that a veteran quarterback needs to found at some point this offseason. Chad Hutchinson may or may not be the long-term answer, but he needs someone to help show him the ropes in the NFL.

That quarterback should not be Troy Aikman. His time has come and gone, and his possible return would only prolong the fact that this organization is trying to live in the past.

It's time for a new face, and a new beginning in 2003. Whether it's Vinny or Kordell, or Jake Plummer or Brian Griese, it needs to be someone other than Troy Aikman.

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