Quick hits with Wade

SAN ANTONIO - Wade Phillips previews Thursday night's preseason matchup with the Oakland Raiders.

OPENING COMMENTS: We're obviously excited about the game. It's a bit of an organizational nightmare sometimes in these games because normally in the regular season you have one guy that substitutes when somebody gets banged up and in these games you have three and four different ones, especially special teams wise. Its always tough that way as far as getting the right people, who's in who's out, those kinds of things; we worked on that today but its still a problem in pre season game with so many people.

That and we weren't ready to play yesterday, and I was disappointed in practice yesterday mentally; we've addressed that. It's a great opportunity for a lot of these guys and our veterans too; our guys that can play need to get ready to play even if they're going to play a limited amount of time they need to get ready to play. If we had played yesterday we wouldn't have done very well, so it will be interesting to see how we do in the ballgame itself. We are looking forward to it, I am looking forward to it to see what guys can do, see how they can do against the competition. It will be a little sluggish I think, I mean you can be a little sloppy tackling sometimes in the first pre season game when you haven't tackled in practice, we'll see about that. We'll just see what happens with it, and I'm interested to see and evaluate where we are as individually, not as a team overall. Certain units you want to look at - your sub unit on defense certainly, our running game offensively, and those kinds of things; we'll look at those things see what happens with them and go from there.

HOW LONG WILL STARTERS STAY IN? Somewhere around a quarter or so I think we'll play them. That's usually what you do in the first pre season game. Depending on what they do and how they are doing, and how sharp they are.

WHAT ABOUT MCGEE'S WORKLOAD? Everybody's going to play. I think Brandon Williams is the only one that is a game time decision. The other seven guys I named are not going to play, but everybody's going to play. We have a rotation, we have it set how we think numbers of plays each group or each guy is going to play, but that certainly can change during the game especially with injuries and so forth or how they are doing. If we think a guy needs to be in there longer or if he's doing really good; DeMarcus Ware or somebody like that you say ‘hey ok you're out now'. It's just a feel during the game on some of them, but we have an amount of plays we hope to play for each player, we discussed that as a staff.

ANY CONCERNS PLAYING ON A BASEBALL SURFACE? I don't think our double play is going to be as good, wed rather have a true hop off of the grass. Its dirty football, so might as well feel like you're playing football. Yes it's a little bit different when you get out into the infield part of any of those stadiums, but its still football

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