Q&A with Isaiah Stanback

IRVING, Tex. - The Ranch Report sits down with wide receiver Isaiah Stanback for an exclusive one-on-one interview as the Cowboys hit the home stretch of preseason.

Ranch Report: Timing between Roy Williams and Tony Romo has come up the last couple of days — how long did it take you to develop that timing with (Romo)?
Stanback: I haven't necessarily had the privilege of being out there a whole lot with Tony, but when we are out there, we usually hook up on some "nine" (deep) routes and some streaks, so I work well with him on that. We talk about it and we "rep" it, and you tell him what you saw and you hear what he sees, and you kind of get on the same page. With someone like Roy, he's a big target for (Romo), so they obviously have to do a lot of talking and get on the same page.

Ranch Report: How do you feel overall, health-wise?
Stanback: I feel great. Everybody's lost a little weight, coming back home and practicing in this heat, so everybody's dropped a little bit (of weight), so we all feel a little lighter. It should be good. That (the hamstring issue that forced him to miss several practices in the Alamodome in Santonio) was just me coming back too quick from my knee — if you come back to quick and you haven't done no running, and then all of a sudden you start running streaks (deep routes) on every play, that's a lot to ask.

Ranch Report: Does the team plan to carry five or six receivers this season?
Stanback: I have no idea — I'm not worried about it.

Ranch Report: How many receiver spots do you think are open for competition?
Stanback: One — if you ask me, I say one. Roy (Williams), Miles (Austin), Patrick (Crayton) — those guys are pretty locked in.

Ranch Report: Do you think Sam Hurd has guaranteed his spot?
Stanback: I think so — Sam had about the best camp of everybody in here, I believe. He's been great, so Sam and those guys are in there.

Ranch Report: You like what Hurd has done, and you missed some time on the field when the hamstring was bothering you, but overall, how do you think you have performed this summer?
Stanback: I think I've done well. I mean, you can do well in practice, but it all comes down to making the most of your opportunities in games — that's what you think about, and hope you get some balls thrown your way.

Ranch Report: Do you sort of keep tabs on the rookie receivers who are all vying for that last receiver spot, like you are?
Stanback: Oh, no — you can't do that. I worry about what I can control — that's it. I don't even look at what they're doing, because I can't do anything to control their performance every day. I just have to come out and do my job."

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