Talking with Ken Hamlin

IRVING, Tex. - Free safety Ken Hamlin talks with The Ranch Report about this weekend's game.

The Ranch Report: What kinds of things are you looking for from the defense in the third preseason game this weekend?
Hamlin: I just want to see us improve from the last preseason game, and take some little new things that we're putting in and execute.

The Ranch Report: In preseason games, how much do you prepare for specific opponents?
Hamlin: Not at all, really. It's about executing, and we're going to use this game to improve what we do, not really worry about what they do.

The Ranch Report: As a seven-year veteran who has been through a few training camps now, how much do you still get out of training camp from a learning standpoint, as opposed to simply working on timing with the new guys in the secondary?
Hamlin: That's the biggest thing — getting used to the new guys, making sure we're all doing the same things and getting all the kinks out of what we're doing, and getting used to the grind before we actually get started.

The Ranch Report: You have some new faces in the secondary, with (strong safety) Gerald Sensabaugh and a handful of rookies — who is standing out to you so far?
Hamlin: I think all of them have done some things that are pretty impressive. Some of the young guys have come in and really shown the type of ability that they have, so we're really going to have some pretty good depth back there.

The Ranch Report: How much do you expect to play in this weekend's game?
Hamlin: I don't know — we'll see when they tell me I'm done.

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