Phillips discusses big win

Dallas head coach Wade Phillips addresses the media after Monday night's win.

OPENING COMMENTS: Alright I was proud of our team obviously to come out the second half after things weren't going good although I thought we had a chance certainly to be up at the half and missed a field goal and we had a chance for some other opportunities and they didn't really move the ball too well before the end of the half and made some mistakes there; but we came back out and this team needed to get a little mad it look like. They came back with a lot of fire.

I thought our special teams really played well. Our punt return certainly set us in good position and our kick off coverage with the guy kicking it as far as he did really helped us in field position. So once we got them backed up our defense maybe had four or three outs in a row and an interception for a touchdown to really seal the victory, but I thought it was a good team victory.

We ran the ball well. Tony managed the ball well, we had some pressure earlier in the game and we adjusted well there. It was a good team victory. We improved in some areas we needed to improve in, especially defensively. I thought we played good pass defense, our rush was good, turnovers, things we have been missing. I am happy with the win, we have a quick week ahead. Newman on Steve Smith and what did you see on the interception. We had to get him some help on that game. Newman played him real well man to man some. We had a guy behind him in that situation where he knew he could stay underneath everything so we were doubling him. We were doubling him a lot of the times, he still makes plays and he still almost made some other plays. We were worried about him certainly in the passing game, because you know he is a heck of a player, so we put Hamlin and Newman on him and put Hamlin behind him and made some calls where we played different types of doubling him, but we doubled him quite a bit.

ON THE PLAY OF THE O-LINE AND PENALTIES: Certainly I am concerned with penalties. We were the least penalized team in the league going into this game, but we certainly had more penalties than I would like in this ball game.

ON THE SACKS AND TURNOVERS: Well those things were coming. You aren't always going to get those things, but when you are aggressive those things will come and I thought we were an aggressive team. I thought we played real aggressive especially against the Giants the game before and I felt like they would come and they did.

ON NEWMAN'S INTERCEPTION: Well we challenge Terrance to put him on the best player they had and I thought he met the challenge, although Steve Smith is still a really good player but he certainly met the challenge, but making that play certainly sealed the football game for us.

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