Plummer a Good Fit?

One of the hottest discussions going on these days in the Metroplex is the talk of Bill Parcells bringing in a veteran quarterback to ease the burden off of the shoulders of Chad Hutchinson. While all the talk is understandable, there's one name that shouldn't be involved in any way, shape, or form.

Jake Plummer.

The name itself doesn't exactly bring playoff berths and football stability to my mind. In fact, it does the complete opposite.

Wasn't "Jake the Snake" supposed to be the hometown hero that would lead the Arizona Cardinals out of football obscurity and into the spotlight of the National Football League?

Wasn't Jake Plummer supposed to be the next Joe Montana coming out of Arizona State?

The answer to both questions is yes- he was supposed to do all of these things and more in first six years in the NFL, but for whatever reason it just hasn't happened.

Plummer has thrown for over 17,000 yards in his first six seasons playing professional football in the desert. He's completed over 55% of his passes and has had the likes of Frank Sanders and David Boston to throw to.

He's rallied the Cardinals from numerous 4th quarter deficits and generated much needed excitement to a franchise that has never seemed to be able to "turn the corner."

However, he's not the quarterback the Cowboys need to return to the playoffs.

The fact is that Jake Plummer has thrown 90 touchdowns and 115 interceptions in his NFL career, and he's left the field to a chorus of boos more often than he hasn't.

He's also only led his team to one successful season, and that was in 1998 when he led the Cardinals to the playoffs, and an upset win over Troy Aikman and the Dallas Cowboys at Texas Stadium.

Jake Plummer is not the answer. He's guided the Cardinals to losing seasons in 5 of out 6 years as their starting quarterback and he consistently depends on his unorthodox style to bail him out of situations when other quarterbacks would just be able to depend on their skill and knowledge of the game.

And while new Arizona General Manager Rod Graves has hinted strongly that he believes Plummer and the team would be best served by parting ways this offseason, the former Sun Devil would be better served by not landing in Valley Ranch.

Under the new head coach Bill Parcells, the Cowboys will strive for stability on offense. A consistent running game combined with an effective passing game from a proven veteran quarterback will be the name of the game next season.

Jake Plummer is hardly a proven quarterback in the National Football League, and that's why the Cardinals are likely moving in another direction next year.

Where that's going to be has been the subject of rumors and speculation for the better part of the last month. Even Plummer himself doesn't know where he's going end up next year. "If you want to know the answer about next season, call Miss Cleo," the quarterback joked after a 37-7 loss to Denver in the season finale.

All joking aside, several teams have emerged as serious candidates to sign him this offseason. Most recently the Denver Broncos have identified Plummer as their top free agent target.

Plummer makes his home in Idaho, and with the close proximity to the Denver area, both sides have hinted that having Plummer playing in the Mile High City may be a good fit.

If you're a Cowboys' fan- that's good news. Plummer signing with Denver would give Jerry Jones and Bill Parcells one less name to consider when serious talks begin about the Cowboys' quarterback situation in 2003.

After all, the main focus in Valley Ranch appears to be bringing in a quarterback that's more of a short-term solution than Jake Plummer- someone who's in the twilight of their career and someone who can aid in the development of Chad Hutchinson.

What will happen from here on out? Only time will tell for sure, but don't look for the Cowboys to sign Jake Plummer this offseason. It just doesn't make sense.

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