Wade Phillips Post-game press conference

Wade Phillips talks about Sunday's convincing win over Seattle.

OPENING STATEMENT: "Nice win for us; I thought it was a solid win. I thought all three phases did some good things. I like that this team is explosive in that we're kind of rocking along and then we're ahead. That they're able to do that can make you a good football team. It was 14-10 after awhile and all of a sudden it was out of hand. But I thought it was a good, solid win for us. I liked the way we played. We had a lot of guys that made plays. Tony (Romo) spread the ball around to a lot of different guys and we saw what they could do. And defensively the same thing – we had a lot of different players make plays. And our special teams were really solid again. In fact, Patrick Crayton had another big return for a touchdown. He had to be pleased with that."

ON THE TEAM COMING TOGETHER: "We were 2-2 and now we're 5-2, so that's where we are now. I feel good about the progress we made, but we've still got a ways to go and we're going to keep working. We're going to celebrate this one, but we've got another big one next week. They all get big. The more you win, the bigger they get, and that's what you want."

ON TONY ROMO: "Tony (Romo) had a solid performance again. I thought it was a workman-type performance by our whole team. I thought we were solid all the way around. Tony threw it to a lot of different guys and made a lot of first downs and obviously made a lot of points. That's important."

ON SEATTLE'S DEFENSE FORCING SHORTER PASSES: "We didn't get the deep ball, but we had the intermediate ball and we had some quick passes (against them). You have to go with what's best. That's what I like about this team – if you're playing the run we can throw it; if they're playing the pass we can run it; and if they're playing it deep we can hit it short. That's a good sign."

ON MILES AUSTIN: "Miles drew a couple of penalties, and I thought that was significant, and he had a touchdown. If you score a touchdown every game, that's pretty good. He had a nice route and a nice catch on the touchdown. He and Tony (Romo), I think, are getting on the same page. (Austin) had the guy beat for a touchdown but the guy hit him for the penalty, so that could have been a long touchdown but the guy interfered with him. So he's got the potential to go make the big play. He made a good catch on the sideline and did some good things."

ON THE RECEIVERS: "(Patrick) Crayton did well. And how about Sam Hurd? He came in and he made a big play. He's capable of doing that. Even (Kevin) Ogletree came in and caught a nice screen on third down and got a first down for us. I still see Roy (Williams) and Tony (Romo) not on the same page. They're getting closer; they talk to each other afterwards. A couple of times Tony thought he was going to go here and he went there and vice versa. We just have to keep working on that. Roy's tough to stop on that slant on the goal line, and that was a big play for us."

ON LEAVING ROMO IN FOUR QUARTERS: "We substituted players. We were planning on handing the ball of the rest of the time. Once it got out of hand, we thought we might take him out, but then all of a sudden they scored a touchdown. They weren't completely out of it, so we had to go from there."

ON WILLIAMS/ROMO NOT BEING ON THE SAME PAGE: "I just think it's a feel as far as some of the routes you can run depends on what the receiver does and it depends on what the quarterback sees to what the receiver does to what we do. We're still not quite there yet."

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