Williams try to defend his comments

IRVING, Tex. - Wide receiver Roy Williams expressed dismay Thursday to the uproar surrounding his comments from Wednesday, when he announced that he is still the team's No. 1 receiver, but that Miles Austin's recent strong performance is a result of the ball "going No. 2's way."

Williams has been peppered with questions since Austin burst out with a team-record 250 receiving yards in the Cowboys' win over Kansas City three weeks ago. Austin is second on the team with 26 receptions this season, and leads the Dallas offense with 563 receiving yards, an average of 21.7 yards per reception and six receiving touchdowns.

By comparison, Williams has 14 receptions (fourth-highest among Cowboys) for 249 yards (also fourth-best) and is tied for second with a pair of touchdown catches. In fact, he has 84 fewer receiving yards (447) since he arrived in a trade-deadline deal with the Detroit Lions last season — a stretch that includes nine more games than Austin has needed to pile up his gaudy numbers.

Williams allowed that his timing with quarterback Tony Romo isn't perfect, and said that has caused him to stretch and reach for passes, while other receivers have been catching passes in stride, thereby having the chance to collect more yards after the catch, but he bristled at comparisons to another former Dallas receiver who was known to create waves with the media and in the locker room over his role in the offense, Terrell Owens, and insisted that his priority is winning, not individual statistics.

"I'm not saying it can't be fixed, but that's what we do every day — we try to work on it, and get it fixed," he said of his timing with Romo. "I'm not a T.O., or not trying to be a T.O. — I don't even know why people try and put me in that category. I'm happy to win — I've said that 100 times."

Williams said he has to "go back to the basics, do the things that I did in training camp — because I really did have a good camp — and see if (those things) can't transpire on Sunday."

Williams said that part of the scrutiny over his comments stems from the fact that the team has played well in recent weeks, and the media simply needed fodder to generate controversy around the team that lives under one of the more intense spotlights in the NFL.

"Everything is working for (us): the offense, defense and special teams," he said. "The only thing that's not working is Romo-to-Williams, and it's a big deal. It's the only thing you (media) guys have to talk about.

"It's simple. I'm not going to win this battle with you, or the fans, or anything. What I have to do is just produce on the football field — that's it."

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