IRVING, Tex. - Take a look at Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers, and what do you see?

To his coaches and teammates – not to mention the legions of Packer fans everywhere – Rodgers represents the future of the team, as should any big, young, strong-armed passer who happens to have been saddled with replacing a legend like Brett Favre.

But to members of the Dallas defense, Rodgers has a different appearance: a sitting duck.

Through the first eight games of the season, Rodgers has been sacked a league-high 37 times. With a little higher math, that projects to 74 sacks this season, not to mention the countless hits quarterbacks take after getting rid of the ball.

"When you see that (number of sacks), it makes you very happy," Dallas defensive end Jason Hatcher said. "It makes you want to pin your ears back. So we'll see how it goes Sunday."

The first answer to the question of why Rodgers has taken such a beating this year is the offensive line, and its lack of depth in a season in which the line has been riddled by injuries. But Hatcher said some of the blame for the sacks also has to fall on Rodgers, whose faith in his receivers and his own arm sometimes induce the Packers' young passer into holding the ball too long.

"It's just a lot of injuries across their offensive line all year," Hatcher said. "You don't know who you're going to face, and they probably don't know who they're going to line up next to each Sunday because they're so banged up.

"When I look at film, (Rodgers) holds the ball a good bit. He trusts his receivers to get open – he's got two of the best receivers in the game – so I wouldn't blame him for holding the ball. So we've got to make him a one-dimensional quarterback. We can't let him beat us with his legs, because he really can. You get him running, and he can run really fast, so we've got to contain him in the pocket and make him a pocket passer. Once we do that, I think we'll be fine."

Hatcher said he marveled at the tapes of Green Bay's games against the Minnesota Vikings, in which defensive end Jared Allen sacked Rodgers seven times by himself. They're different players and play in different defensive schemes (Allen and the Vikings play in a 4-3 defense, as opposed to the Cowboys' 3-4 alignment), but Hatcher allowed that he and his defensive teammates are excited about what awaits Sunday at Lambeau Field. If the Cowboys' defenders can refrain from getting overly excited, and simply follow their game plan, Hatcher said Dallas has a strong chance to be successful in Green Bay.

"We haven't changed what we do, and we won't this week," Hatcher said. "We're just going at 'em. We're doing what we do every week, man on man, and I think we should come out pretty good."

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