EXCLUSIVE: Q&A with Junior Siavii

IRVING, Tex. - TheRanchReport.com sat down Wednesday with Dallas nose tackle Junior Siavii to discuss this weekend's opponent – the Washington Redskins – including the 'Skins new-look running game, their much-maligned offensive line and whether he thinks Dallas-Washington remains the most intense rivalry in the NFL.

TheRanchReport.com: For the second consecutive week, you're going to face a team that has been going through substitutes on the offensive line all year. Whose offensive line is more beaten up: Green Bay's or Washington's?
Junior Siavii: I don't know, but I don't look at it, going into the game, as who's beat up and who's not. We've just got to go play. Whoever they put in front of me over there, whoever's playing – they get paid to play, too. They get paid to do their job to the best of their ability. We just go in there and play … kick their ass … that's it.

TheRanchReport.com: A couple of weeks ago, Washington's starting running back, Clinton Portis, left their game with a concussion, and he sat out last week and has been replaced in the lineup by Ladell Betts. How much different does their offense look with Betts in there instead of Portis?
Siavii: They run the same scheme and the same plays – Portis is just better-known, he has a bigger name. But Betts is doing a great job for them. I think all we've got to do is shut down the run – shut down the run and make them go one-dimensional. Stop them from running, and we'll be OK. I don't give a shit who's running – that's how I feel. I don't give a shit who they have in the backfield. He might be their backup, but he's their starter now, so we play him just like he's a starter.

TheRanchReport.com: There has been a lot of talk in Washington this season about the struggles along the offensive line. (Pro Bowl left tackle) Chris Samuels and (right guard) Randy Thomas are out for the year, and they have gone through a number of right tackles this year. When you look at film while getting ready for this game, what's your impression of the Redskins' offensive line?
Siavii: They didn't look like they were struggling last week. Last week, they looked pretty good – they kicked the shit out of Denver. At times this season, they've struggled sometimes, but last week, they looked like they've bounced back.

TheRanchReport.com: (Washington quarterback) Jason Campbell has gotten a lot of heat in Washington, and the team reportedly was trying to trade with Denver for Jay Cutler, or to trade up in the draft to get Mark Sanchez. From what you've seen while studying him, what are your impressions?
Siavii: He's a lot like Aaron Rodgers, in Green Bay – big, tall guy with a really strong, accurate arm, and can run. He doesn't seem to like pressure, so when he has to move around, he'll step up and try to run with the ball. Rodgers, when he finds a lane, he'll take it, and (Campbell) is just like him. So we've just got to bring pressure from the middle. The outside's going to be contained, so we've just got to force the front and get pressure up the middle.

TheRanchReport.com: It wasn't too long ago that Cowboys-Redskins was one of the most intense rivalries – if not the most intense rivalry – in the league. Is there any of that feeling left in this locker room?
Siavii: It's another game on the schedule. It's intense, but it's another game – that's how I'm taking it. It's another game. We've got to execute, play good Sunday and beat them. That's it – put 'em out.

TheRanchReport.com: When you played at the University of Oregon, what team did you hate the most? And since you've been a professional player, have you ever felt that kind of emotion for another team?
Siavii: It was Oregon State. (In the NFL): Philly – I felt it in Philly. I think it was just the environment – that's a really hostile environment. You think about how these guys ended their season last year (his current teammates – Siavii wasn't on the Dallas roster when the Cowboys got blown out by the Eagles at the end of last season). It says a lot about the guys in this room, after the way last year ended, to go up there in that environment and beat them, and get that bad taste out of their mouths.

Now, after Green Bay … I'm not going to say anything about Green Bay, other than now we've got to get that taste our of our mouths, so we get to go take it out on Washington.

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