Phillips post-game press conference

Wade Phillips talks about Thursday's Thanksgiving win over Oakland.

OPENING REMARKS: First of all I would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, even the media. This was a feel good game for us. It was a game where we did a lot of things well. We feel good about ourselves. Obviously the passing game that we were worried about offensively really came through on big plays, which was remarkable. It just gives us that confidence. We played like we did on our winning streak, played well on offense, played well on defense, played well on special teams. It takes a whole team and I was proud of the way they played and I thought we played like we should play. Every game is a tough game, they fought hard, but I thought we made to many big plays that hurt them. Defense played solid again and our special teams, having to punt nine times, so we played well on third downs defensively also which I was glad because we hadn't played that well the last couple of games. A lot of good things like I said, but we are not there. It is a good indicator that we can do things. We can run the football, we can throw the football and we adjusted well to their running game. I thought, they are one of the better running teams that we faced and we knew that going in so our guys made some adjustments. Once we stopped their running games I thought we were in good shape defensively. Offensively, Miles Austin had another tremendous day. Witten was well enough to play and played well. Our three running backs all did a heck of a job. We were able to utilize all our players. Roy caught a touchdown pass, so everybody contributed offensively and defensively so that made a big difference for us.

ON FINISHING STRONG: Confidence wise it certainly helps you. You have to do it for yourself and whatever we do from now on we have to do for yourself. We probably have as tough of a schedule as anybody has; three division teams two of them on the road and two teams that are leading their division in our last five games, but I think we feel good about if we play well we can do well.

ON WHAT HAPPENS NEXT: We just got to keep winning. We got to keep playing well. We got to keep executing well. We are not there yet because we can't get there until we play another game. Were not in the playoffs, we haven't one our division; we haven't accomplished anything yet except I thought we played well.

ON THE PLAY OF THE DEFENSE: We have been the least scored on in the league in the NFC. We have learned to keep the scoring down and I think our offense certainly helps us in a lot of situations, but the defense has been playing solid for a while.

ON ANTHONY SPENCER: I was glad for Spence and us, but he can make plays obviously and he made a couple of great plays. That one sack he made was really outstanding.

ON JASON WITTEN PLAYING INJURED: He was a lot better yesterday and as the swelling went down. Today during pre game he said he didn't really feel it. He said he was ready to play. Said he wouldn't lie to me, so I think it wasn't quite as bad as we first thought. He and Tony are a heck of a combination.

ON MILES AUSTIN: They were playing man to man and he beat them a lot man to man. He is hard to cover in bump and run. It was one of those games he was open a lot and we got him the ball.

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