The Scoop on Emmitt

It's been awfully quiet out of Valley Ranch this past week, but things will start picking up soon as Bill Parcells and Jerry Jones begin formulating their free agent strategy. But we aren't as concerned about that, tell us what's going on with Emmitt!

Here we stand on February 8th, 2003 and still not a peep out of Jerry Jones and Emmitt Smith.

It was thought back in early January that the two sides would have already met by now to determine the exact status of the future Hall of Famer in regards to next season.

Obviously that hasn't happened yet.

All the rumors out of Valley Ranch in the last month seem to confirm the fact that Jerry Jones wanted to meet with Emmitt directly after the Super Bowl to iron out a plan to bring him back for one more season.

That plan included restructuring his contract and most likely accepting a reduced role on the team in 2003.

The contract restructuring is fine- Emmitt Smith is willing to play in Dallas for less money. He realizes that his overall talent level has dropped at the ripe old age of 34, and he can deal with the fact that he doesn't deserve as much money as he once made.

The reduced role in the offense is where the problems begin.

If you've folled this situation at all, you saw the NFL's All-time leading rusher on ESPN just days before the Super Bowl announcing that he intended to retain the starting running back position in Dallas for at least one more season.

"I can still play football," said Smith to ESPN's Dan Patrick. "I think I can play next year and continue to be the starter back there, there's no doubt in my mind about that. Whether that happens or not, I don't know."

Make no mistake; Emmitt Smith has no intention of going "quietly into that still night." He wants to play next season, and he wants to a big part of the anticipated turnaround in Big D.

So why haven't we heard any news regarding the potential meeting between Jerry and Emmitt?

Because Jerry Jones knows he's got his hands full with this one. He's basically in a no-win situation.

If he decides to let Emmitt play elsewhere, he then tarnishes the career of the league's all-time leading rusher by forcing him out of the city that brought unprecented NFL glory and 3 world championships.

If he restructures his contract and allows him to play one more season, he then runs the risk of keeping him to basically serve as a bench warmer.

As difficult a pill as that might be to swallow, it's likely what he'd be looking at next year.

Certainly Bill Parcells is no stranger to keep an aging running back on the roster. Otis Anderson, who was 33 at the time, helped lead the Giants over the Bills in Super Bowl XXVII.

However, the word is that Parcells doesn't feel as good about Emmitt's role on this team as he did with Anderson. He wants this team to get younger, faster, meaner, and tougher on all sides of the ball.

Simply put, Emmitt Smith may not fit into that equation.

The decision however, still rests with Jerry Jones. He'll be the one that decides whether or not we'll see Emmitt wear the Silver Star again.

What happens at this point, is anyone's guess, but the longer the two sides stay apart, the higher the chance we may have seen Emmitt's last game playing for the Dallas Cowboys already.

Flozell Adams Update
The sides are trading offers, but still there is little movement in a new contract for Flozell Adams. Part of the hold up is waiting to see what happens in contract talks for two of the league's top left tackles, St. Louis' Orlando Pace and Seattle's Walter Jones.

If the Cowboys slap the franchise tag on Adams, he would be guaranteed $5,734,000.

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