Free Agent Updates!

Free Agent updates on 8 players still with the Cowboys. What's the latest on Michael Myers, Brandon Noble, Soloman Page, Peppi Zellner, Darnay Scott and everyone else "riding the fence?" We've got the scoop inside!

OT Flozell Adams- the Cowboys want to sign Adams to a multi-year contract but will put the franchise tag on him if they have to to keep him. His chances of returning next season look excellent.

TE Mike Lucky- he is unlikely to return, as Parcells is looking for tight ends on the free-agent market and might target Erron Kinney of the Titans. Simply put, Mike Lucky won't be wearing the Silver Star next season.

DT Michael Myers- he is unlikely to return. Parcells wants bigger defensive linemen. They might have back on Myers as a backup at the last minute if nothing else comes through.

DT Brandon Noble- Parcells wants him back and the two sides have exchanged proposals but remain about $1 million a part. Things will move quicker once they get to free agency and Noble realizes teams will not line up to pay role playing tackle the $2.5 million a year he is asking for.

OT Solomon Page- he will not return. The Cowboys have no interest because of his poor attitude and overall lack of execution on the football field.

WR Darnay Scott- hill not return in 2003 simply because the new coaching staff has little interest in the veteran wide receiver.

DE Peppi Zellner- will not return. The Cowboys have no interest and there are questions concerning recent drug allegations.

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