Sunday Player Notes & Interviews

NFL teams continued to put players through their paces on Sunday afternoon, with focus on the defensive backs and quarterbacks. Here are some of the comments we pulled from the players while they were between drills.

Player Notes


Rob Adamson / Mount Union College / Division III

  • Was not invited to the combine
  • Buccaneer head coach Jon Gruden recognized him and talked to him for a few minutes.
  • Has talked to several teams while he's been here.
  • Measured at 6'5 / 218 recently.
  • Played in a pro style offense.
  • Only was offered walk on status from several major colleges.
  • Felt playing for a small school gave him a great chance to play immediately.
  • Will work out at Kent St. at the pro day on 3/21. 15-20 teams are expected to watch him.
  • Talked to Ken Anderson quarterback coach of the Jaguars and Bronco assistant coach Pat McPherson for several minutes.
  • Felt he played quarterback the way it was supposed to be played and his favorite play is the deep pass and seven step drop.


Angelo Crowell
/ Virginia

  • Measured in at 6'0/236. Benched 25 reps at 225 lbs. He thinks he'll run around a 4.5 40.
  • Confirmed he has interviewed with the Bengals, Eagles, Saints, Lions, and Packers so far.
  • Crowell said playing for former NFL coach Al Groh at Virginia helped him with the tempo of practices at Senior Bowl.
  • Would love to play with his brother Germane Crowell with the Lions. Germane helped him prepare for the combine experience. When asked if he would like to get a hit on his brother, he said Germane told him that he would run all over him and he replied he'd hit him before he could get past him.

Gerald Hayes / Pittsburgh

  • Will go through the whole workout here.
  • Weighed in at 238.
  • Hayes said he's comfortable playing inside or outside.
  • Played running back in high school but only one school (Clemson) recruited him to do so.
  • Confirmed he has interviewed with the Packers, Patriots, Chiefs, Cardinals, and Bills.

Defensive Back

Terrence Holt / North Carolina State / Safety

  • Will participate in most drills here.
  • Said the Senior Bowl experience helped him because of the speed and tempo of the practices.
  • Notre Dame WR Arnaz Battle was his toughest competitor during Senior Bowl week.
  • Talked to his brother Torry Holt about the combine experience and what to expect.
  • Confirmed he has interview with the Steelers, Bengals, Chiefs, Falcons, and Panthers.

Terence Newman / Kansas State / Cornerback

  • Measured in at just a shade over 5'10/189. Played at 185 during the season.
  • Confirmed for us that he had an MRI yesterday on his shoulder. Claims it's an old injury but it's from college. He said his shoulder is fine.
  • Thought about not participating in drills tomorrow but has changed his mind and plans on doing everything.
  • Now 24 years old.
  • Confirmed he's talked to several teams. One team is thinking of playing him at receiver as well as cornerback. He played a little receiver during his last two seasons at Kansas State.
  • Said Oklahoma State WR Rashaun Woods was his toughest opponent and he gave up his only TD this year to him on a fade route. Said it was a questionable call.
  • According to him, he played 85-90 percent of press coverage and little zone in college.

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