Talking with Dez Bryant

Read what first round pick Dez Bryant said after being drafted by the Dallas Cowboys.

ON WHEN HE FOUND OUT: "I really didn't know, but when I saw New England give up that pick to the Cowboys I just got super excited. I was just saying that, ‘The Cowboys have to pick me, they have to pick me.' And I was excited. When they actually picked me, I didn't know what to do. I was just speechless."

IF HE WANTED TO GO TO DALLAS: "Yes sir. I'm a big fan. I'm a real Dallas Cowboy now."

IF HE WAS DISAPPOINTED HE SLIPPED THAT FAR: "No sir. I'm not disappointed at all. My thing is that I was a top-five, top-10 talent. Ok. Well, I wasn't going to listen to all that. When I fell to the Cowboys, that's the best thing that ever happened to me. I'm so happy I got picked and it doesn't matter where I got picked. I'm excited and I'm ready to go to work."

ON IF HE GOT THE CALL BEFORE IT WAS ANNOUNCED: "I got a call before. Whenever I saw New England give up their pick to the Cowboys, I was like, ‘I know the Cowboys have to take me.' I was so excited to hear Jerry Jones' voice."

ON WHAT JERRY JONES SAID: "He was like, ‘Are you ready to be a Cowboy?' And I was like, ‘Yes sir.""

ON HIS PRE-DRAFT VISIT TO DALLAS: "Our visit was great. I felt like the coaches and I all got along real well. I felt like the relationship that me and Jerry had when I was there was great. I guess they believed in me, they chose me and it's a blessing."

ON PEOPLE QUESTIONING IF HE IS A TROUBLED PLAYER: "I just feel like those are the people that don't know Dez Bryant. The people that do know Dez Bryant know that I'm a great person. I don't get into trouble. I've never committed a crime. I've never had trouble with the law. I don't do drugs. For me I feel like I'm a good person."

ON DEION SANDERS: "Yes sir. I will always (have a relationship with him). The guy's a great person. He sends me spiritual text messages every morning. His intentions weren't to hurt me. He's a great person and he's going to forever stay in my life, and I'm enjoying every moment of it."

ON MEETING ANY CURRENT TEAM MEMBERS: "I met (Tony) Romo and Roy Williams. We didn't say too much to each other. We introduced each other, and that was about it, but that was about it. But it was great. I'm very anxious. I can't wait. I'm ready for the mini-camp. It's a dream come true."

ON WHETHER THE COWBOYS MENTIONED HE COULD RETURN KICKS: "Yes sir, they did. They talked to me about it. I'm very excited to do that. That's one of the things I love to do."

ON WHAT HE'S CAPABLE OF AS A ROOKIE: "I really don't know because I haven't played yet. But I know that I'm going to give them my all. I'm going to go out there and give it everything I've got. And hopefully I'll come out successful.

"I'm going to do everything that I'm supposed to do. If I do everything I'm supposed to do then I have no choice but to be a successful rookie helping the Cowboys win the Super Bowl."

ON IF FOLLOWED MILES AUSTIN: "Yes sir. Miles (Austin) is a phenomenal player. All the wide receivers of the Cowboys are phenomenal. I did enjoy watching (Austin). It's exciting and I'm excited that I can be their teammate. It's just a great feeling."

ON HOW FRUSTRATING IT WAS TO HEAR NEGATIVE COMMENTS: "To be honest, it got frustrating. The things that happened in the past, they happened in the past. We're trying to fix what's going on now. My family and I have been doing great – we're doing fine – and people don't talk about that. They don't look at that. They just look at my background. They didn't look at what's going on now."

ON HOW MUCH HE ALREADY KNOWS RAY SHERMAN: "It was great. I felt a great connection between us. I'm happy now that I'm with the Cowboys and he's able to coach me. It's just going to be great. Like I said, it's just unbelievable right now."

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