Talking with Sean Lee

Sean Lee talks about being drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in the second round Friday night.

ON HIS VALLEY RANCH VISIT: "It was unbelievable. I got to meet Mr. Jones, Coach Phillips and Coach Herring. I had a great time and I felt like it was a really great fit for me. I got to watch film. I got to see the great linebackers that are there right now. I was hoping that I would be able to play for them (Cowboys)."

ON WHY HE'S A GOOD FIT IN DALLAS: "They are at the top of their game right now. They are great players. It is something that I feel like I can play like if I really take my time to learn from those guys. The Cowboys play hard-nose football and I really feel like I can play like that."

ON HIS KNEE INJURY: "I would say about the third game when I came back, I was pretty much at 100 percent. At the end of the season I was 100 percent. I took the brace off while I was working out and I have been 100 percent for a long time now. I played last year with the brace, I have it off now and I will not be wearing it."

ON PENN STATE BEING LINEBACKER U: "I have played with a lot of good players and I got to meet a lot of great linebackers. Learning from them and seeing how they worked hard has helped me become a better football player. How they practiced. They practiced perfect every single day. They really lived and breathed football to become better football players. I do not think I would be where I am at without those guys and without Penn State.

"I knew I would be able to come back. I knew if I put the work in and was mature about the rehab that not only would I be able to come back, but I would come back a better football player. I believe that no matter what injury, I can come back and be a better football player."

ON FITTING IN AS A ROOKIE: "I am coming in to a team full of leaders. There are four linebackers at the top of their game right now. I'm just going to relish it and try to learn from them as much as possible. I am going to come in and work hard and try to help the team win in any way possible."

ON HIS POSSIBLE ROLE: "I have watched the two inside linebackers and I am going to guess it is going to be in one of those positions that I will probably learn and be tutored when I get there. In the future I will probably play in one of those positions."

ON WADE PHILLIPS' STYLE: "I blitzed a lot as a junior back in 2007. I try to pride myself in being able to be effective in any part of the game whether it is run, pass or blitz."

ON LIVING UP TO BEING A PENN STATE LB: "We see it more as an honor, something we take pride in. We like to work a certain way. We like to play football a certain way. We are hardnosed, blue collar type of guys. We really take pride in playing that way and passing that leadership down to guys that are coming behind us."

ON HEALTH ISSUES: "I have changed the way I am training. It is more geared towards my weaknesses. I am going to do whatever it takes to try to stay healthy and I believe I can come back from injuries."

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