Talking with Owusu-Ansah

The Cowboys' fourth-round pick talks about his college career and more.

ON VALLEY RANCH VISIT: "They definitely noticed my versatility. They knew I had potential at both (safety and corner) spots. I think it will be more at the safety position. I think my special teams ability definitely helped with the decision as well. I take special teams very seriously and it is a very important part of the game. I think that helped my draft status.

"I got to meet with all of the coaches and sit down with Jerry Jones one-on-one and talk to him. As far as the plays, each player sat down with the position coach and we would just talk football. They drew up the plays for me, I took notes and then they asked me to recite them. They asked me what I would do in certain situations."

ON PLAYING SAFETY: "I feel really comfortable at safety. Most of the plays I made in college were at safety. I am ready to learn from the veterans on the team. Whether I am at corner or safety; I am ready to learn and to take what they have to offer."

ON HIS RETURN SKILLS: "Teams talked about it a lot. That is one of the things that helped my draft stock so much is my return ability. They tell me that I have ability and that I am talented.

"I have been on the kick-off team, gunner on punt, punt return, kick return and rusher on punt earlier on in my career. I have done all aspects of special teams."

ON SHOULDER INJURY: "I dislocated my (left) shoulder in college, probably the fourth game of the season, and I played through it. I had surgery this past March. I will not be ready physically for rookie minicamp. I will probably be out there but there will be no contact. It will be more of a mental minicamp for me to learn. I think that is just as good."

ON JUMPING FROM INDIANA (PA) TO NFL: "It will be a jump at first. I think it will be more of a jump mentally than physically. The game of football is a complex game and coming from a college that kept it simple, even on my visit we went over some plays that the Cowboys ran, it was very complex. A smarter football player is always a better football player. Learning the game and learning the coverage is going to be a harder jump. Physically tested I am a bigger and faster guy than most people. It is going to be an adjustment physically, at first, but then mentally I think that's where it is going to take my game to the next level."

ON LOOKS FROM COLLEGES AFTER HIGH SCHOOL: "I had no Division I scholarship offers out of high school. I remember sending my high school highlight tapes out and nobody offered me. I went to the Max Sports Combine and it was only Division II and Division III schools. One of the position coaches that was working for my head coach at the time recruited me and then my head coach got the head coaching job at IUP. I just followed him from the previous school to IUP."

ON HIS POSITION IN COLLEGE: "We ran man coverage and safety coverage maybe 60/40 percent of the time. That is me playing safety versus corner. I am not sure as far as the plays and interception percentages go. I am pretty sure more came when I was at the safety position."

ON WHY HE WAS OVERLOOKED OUT OF HIGH SCHOOL: "I got faster, bigger and stronger in college. Coming out of high school I was a good athlete. I played both ways in high school. I played running back and safety in high school and most of my highlights were at the running back position. I did not go to a lot of camps and I did not market myself. There are a lot of facets that play into it."

ON WHAT HE'S EXPECTING IN DALLAS: "They told me to get ready to compete and play for the Cowboys. I am ready to compete. There are two pro bowl corners and a great safety."

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