Does Practice Make Perfect?

IRVING, Tex. - Rookie linebacker Sean Lee is very picky. He likes to do things one way, and one way only: the right way.

"I'm a perfectionist," he said Monday after the first practice in the Cowboys' second Organized Team Activity (OTA). "I don't mind making mistakes, as long as I don't make the same mistake twice."

Lee admitted that the first the mistakes that are par for the course for most rookies tend to rub him the wrong way.

"I get frustrated," Lee said, "because I don't like to make any mistakes at all."

After four practices with his new team, Lee said he is picking up the Cowboys' defense pretty well, thanks in part to the help he has received from the veterans around him.

"They have been extremely helpful," Lee said. "They're great athletes, great football players, and they're great people. They have helped me a lot."

At the rookie mini-camp the weekend after the April NFL Draft, Lee was asked about the brace he wore on his left knee. At the time, Lee said it was a precautionary measure to protect the knee, and that he didn't anticipate wearing it much longer.

But at each of the team's first two OTAs, Lee has been wearing the brace on his (left) knee.

"It is still just a precaution," Lee said. "But as long as I can run well, why not (wear it)? What's important is that I don't it affect me."

What is affecting Lee is the blockers he now tries to elude.

"The biggest adjustment is how big and how fast the offensive linemen are," Lee said. "In college, most of the time, if you made a mistake, you could still get around them if you're quick enough.

"You can't do that with these guys. If you make a mistake at this level, more than likely, it's done. These guys are polished players. Every one of them belongs."

Lee drew a parallel between the transition he currently faces and the one he faced as a freshman at Penn State.

"It's sinking in," he said of the Cowboys' defense. "I pretty much know the defense, from an Xs-and-Os standpoint.

"But I'm still making mistakes, and I can't stand making mistakes. I'm working hard to make sure I keep getting better each day."

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