The Offseason Update

Here's a look at the all the moves made by the Cowboys this offseason. Included in this extensive report are players that were re-signed, players that were cut, and players that were acquired either through a trade or via free agency.

Current Team Needs
QB -- Bill Parcells wants a veteran quarterback to lead his team. He also wants options other than Chad Hutchinson and Quincy Carter. They don't plan to spend a lot of money but they will be in talks with Kordell Stewart and Jim Miller. They would also consider trading for Vinny Testaverde.

OL -- Even after re-signing left tackle Flozell Adams, they are looking for two offensive line starters in free agency, one tackle and a guard. Ryan Young has already signed and guard Randy Thomas was another possible target at either right tackle and right guard, but Thomas signed with Washington.

CB -- The Cowboys only have two cornerbacks under contract, second-year players Derek Ross and Pete Hunter. Mario Edwards, who started the past two years is a restricted free agent. However, he might be best suited as a nickel corner. The Cowboys will target a corner in the draft, but they will also test the free-agent market for a veteran to supplement the position.

Franchise Player

Transistion Player

Unrestricted Free Agents
LB Kevin Hardy (Cowboys want to re-sign him but he will test market); TE Mike Lucky (the Cowboys want to re-sign and will consider moving him to tackle); DT Michael Myers (will not return because Cowboys have no interest); OT Solomon Page (will not be re-signed because of attitude issues); WR Darnay Scott (was a Bruce Coslet signee and will not return); DE Peppi Zellner (Cowboys have no interest in end who had no sacks in 2003).

Unrestricted Free Agents (not tendered offers)
CB Jermaine Jones (not tendered as ERFA); WR Anthony Lucas (not tendered as ERFA).

Restricted Free Agents
CB Mario Edwards (tendered at $605,000 with 6th-round pick as compensation; will likely be nickel back if he returns); QB Clint Stoerner (tendered at $605,000 with no compensation; he will also be hard-pressed to make the roster next season if the Cowboys bring in a veteran starter); RB Michael Wiley (tendered at $605,000 with 5th-round pick as compensation; a valued third down back).

Exclusive Rights Free Agents
RB Woody Dantzler (tendered at $300,000); SS Keith Davis (tendered at $300,000); P Filip Filopovic (tendered at $300,000); RB Troy Hambrick (tendered at $375,000); LB Louis Mackey (tendered at $300,000); WR Ken-yon Rambo (tendered at $375,000); SS Lynn Scott (tendered at $375,000); WR Reggie Swinton (tendered at $375,000); OG Ross Tucker (tendered at $375,000); DE Colston Weatherington (tendered at $300,000).

Players Re-Signed
OT Flozell Adams (UFA; $25M/5 yrs, $5M SB; 2003 cap: $2.5M); LB Jamal Brooks (Potential ERFA; $300,000/1 yr); DT Demetric Evans (Potential ERFA; $375,000/1 yr); OG Dan Collins (Potential ERFA; $225,000/1 yr); WR Randal Williams (Potential ERFA; $375,000/1 yr) ; PK Billy Cundiff (Potential ERFA; 300,000/1 yr); TE James Whalen (Potential ERFA; $375,000/1 yr).

Players Acquired
WR Terry Glenn (Trade Packers), OL Ryan Young, FB Richie Anderson, P Toby Gowin

Players Lost
CB Dwayne Goodrich (cut); WR Raghib Ismail (cut); OG Jeremy McKinney (cut); DT Brandon Noble (UFA Redskins; terms unknown); RB Emmitt Smith (cut); FB Robert Thomas (cut).

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