'Boys could have home-field advantage

The goal in Dallas next season is to become the first team to play in the Super Bowl without leaving town.

The Cowboys would be the first team to play in a Super Bowl hosted in their own stadium. Nobody is shying away from those expectations. And owner Jerry Jones is making sure the players don't forget about it.

He lets them know he wants them in the Super Bowl at Cowboys Stadium virtually every time he crosses paths with players — and that's quite frequently.

The same is true for everyone else in town. Former Cowboys, from Roger Staubach to Charles Haley, have talked to the team about getting there — and visualizing themselves in the Super Bowl at Cowboys Stadium during talks during OTAs.

"I don't have any problem with an imagination," Jones said. "I listened to Charles Haley talk to our team the other day. And the first thing he said — he said come to the field whether it's for a game or practice, you've got to imagine what it is that you want to be. That's first. Then you go out and do the other fundamental things like work.

"As an example, when I was growing up I could play for hours and hours and hours — just me — in my yard and play several ball games," Jones said. "So I can really come in here and imagine and make believe and picture this thing and how it's going to be full with all the excitement of a Super Bowl, have it in here. You could dream that something could happen that never happened before. That's worth dreaming on. That's worth acting on, by the way, if you get the opportunity to act on it."

Linebacker Bradie James said no one wants to forget about the Super Bowl being in Arlington. He also conceded no one could forget it, even if they tried.

"I know where the Super Bowl is," James said. "Of course the owner knows where it is. Charles Haley knows where it is. Roger Staubach knows where it is. Everybody knows where it is. You have to respect his process. But, yes, (it's) in the back of our minds. We know where the Super Bowl is and it would be really nice to play here. We will see what happens."

Said linebacker DeMarcus Ware: "I know where the Super Bowl is this year and the owner knows where it is. He lets us know where it is every time he talks to us. Every single time. It's a big thing and it's going to motivate us all season. If you are hosting a Super Bowl at home, why not play in it? But it starts now with minicamp and training camp."

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