5 questions with Felix Jones

Felix Jones talks about the opening of training camp Saturday in San Antonio.

What did this team need to work on in the offseason to take the next step?
Jones: "Obviously the finish. We didn't do that as well last year, but we're here today getting back started on getting better at that and we'll continue to grow at that and make that better."

What's the effect on the team when you see the kind of reception Dez Bryant has received out here?
Jones: "It shows that our fans really love us. It really doesn't take an effect on me; I don't think it takes an effect on other teammates. I know we're excited for that player and we'll be happy for him, and the fans are obviously a big part of this team. We love their support and we really appreciate them."

Does it excite you about the possibility of getting more carries this season?
Jones: "It always does. When you get a chance to go out there and play football, that's what you do. We love the opportunities and we want to make the best of all of them. That's how I think of it and try to make the best of my abilities."

Do you feel like you finally feel like you shed the label of just being a fast running back at the end of last season?
Jones: "I'm not glass. When I show my teammates and coaches out there what I can do, they believe in me and I think they got more confidence in me towards the end of the year."

Just how good can this offense be this season Felix?
Jones: "This offense has a great opportunity to make a lot of things happen. And with this team as a whole, the sky's the limit. Our defense is doing a great job and did a great job at the end of last year. The team has to use that momentum that we had going into the playoffs and continue that as the season starts."

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