5 questions with Patrick Crayton

Patrick Crayton is not one to back down from the media these days.

How do you feel about this receiving corp overall right now? There seems to be a nice blend of talent and experience.
Crayton: "Yeah definitely, we're easy six or seven I think that's probably one of the top corps around the league. Like we said it looks good on paper right now. We have the talent we have the skills we have the players but we still have to put it together when it comes on Sundays."

Do you feel like every player out here has to fight for his job?
Crayton: "Do you want me to be politically correct or do you want me to give you the truth? Not everyone has to worry about their job, you know like I know. A lot of people have to fight for their job, a lot of people have to prove themselves day in and day out; I'm one of those guys, that includes me. Even after what I do it's not what have you done for me it's what can you do for me now."

Can the receivers can win a lot of games for the team this year?
Crayton: "The receiving core cannot win all of the games for you. You still have to have a running game, you have to have a quarterback, and you have to have a line. It starts with those five guys up front. You have to have a defense that's going to stop the other team from scoring."

Do you think Dez Bryant can start as a rookie?
Crayton: "That a rookie makes this team as a starter? If you look back a lot of guys have started. DeMarcus Ware and (Marcus) Spears came in their rookie years and started. (Jason) Witten was a starter; there's a lot of guys who start their rookie year." Does he (Dez Bryant) have the talent to do that? "He's got the talent, yeah."

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