Serious Draft Day Scoop!

While a lot of Cowboys fans have gone ahead and penciled in Kansas State cornerback Terence Newman with the 5th overall selection in the upcoming draft, CowboyUpdate has some draft day scoop about the direction Jerry Jones and company will take this April.

According to reliable sources, Bill Parcells has targeted several players with the 5th overall selection in this year's NFL Draft.

While much speculation has centered around Kansas State cornerback Terence Newman and even Washington State's Marcus Trufant, CowboyUpdate has learned the Bill Parcells will likely go in a different direction this April.

That's right, one his top concerns doesn't immediately rest in the secondary, it's on the offensive line.

Parcells spent most of the combine studying several players, including Utah offensive lineman Jordan Gross, and Iowa offensive lineman Eric Steinbach.

Certainly, Parcells won't have to draft either one of these mammoth linemen with the 5th selection, so it stands to reason that he'll trade down once the Cowboys go on the clock.

"It surprised me that he was so interested in linemen at the combine," notes a source close to the Cowboys. "He was there with Raiders owner Al Davis scouting those linemen from day one. In fact, he didn't even watch Terence Newman while he was there."

Additionally, it must be noted that Cowboys scouts were one of only two teams who stayed to watch former Oklahoma star Roy Williams last year at combine. Williams was one of the last players to be tested, and most teams had already called it a day by the time he stepped onto the field.

That being said, do you think Bill Parcells would draft a kid that he didn't even watch at the combine?

Not likely. Especially after studying the offensive line so intently during his short stay in Indianapolis.

"They have a lot of interest in solidifying the line this year, and Parcells knows he can trade down and get his man. He's done a lot of things in history, including trading up, but it looks like they may be trading down this year," added the source.

Parcells was apparently impressed with Steinbach's versatility. He's played several positions in the last few years, including guard, center, and tackle.

"Steinbach had an incredible combine," notes NFL Draft expert Tony Pauline. "He's played all of those positions and he's got some good size and the ability to add a few more pounds, so his upside is tremendous."

Meanwhile, Utah's Jordan Gross has been considered to be a top 15 pick for quite some time, and he did nothing at the combine that would cause his stock to drop.

"I think right now, it looks like Parcells wants an offensive lineman, and he's going to trade down to get it. Jerry Jones was there at the combine, and he stuck his head in there between Parcells and Davis, but other than that, it was Parcells doing the legwork there," the source added.

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