Opponent Opinions: RB C.J. Spiller

Tony Sparano said this week the Dolphins like running back C.J. Spiller coming out of the draft, and now they get to face him in the former Clemson star's NFL debut. Spiller will start for the Bills on Sunday, although he's expected to split time with veterans Fred Jackson and Marshawn Lynch. A Florida native, Spiller talked to the South Florida media this week about Sunday's matchup.

Here is the transcript of Spiller's conference call:

On how starting in the preseason has prepared him for the regular season: "I was able to get a whole lot of reps in, so that was a good thing. I'm just trying to get familiar with the speed of the game even though it's going to pick up some. But even getting those extra reps in definitely benefited me and gave me a confidence to bring in to the regular season. Not only confidence for me, but for the whole offense. I think we started gelling real good as we started playing more games."

On if he feels he can handle a bigger workload if asked to do so: "I'm pretty sure. I had a great offseason workout and I've done it before so I know what my body can take. If they ask me to do it, that'd be great. But if not, we have three great guys that can get the job done."

On if he changed anything physically to handle a larger workload if called upon: "Not much. I just approached the offseason like I've been doing, training hard and getting my body prepared. I didn't go into the offseason thinking about if I need to get heavy. I just went by trying to improve every aspect of my game that'll help me throughout the course of a season."

On how tough it is to prepare for a defense with a new defensive coordinator: "It's very tough because you never know what they're going to come out in. But you just have to try to go off of what you watch during the week and try to go out there and execute. And that's why you have to be able to adjust throughout the whole game. So it'll be interesting. They have a new defensive coordinator and we have a new offensive coordinator, so it's going to be a very interesting game come Sunday."

On his relationship with Dolphins S Chris Clemons from Clemson: "He's a hard worker. He's going to work hard every day. He's going to go out there and compete. That's the thing I remember when I played with him at Clemson, that every Saturday when we went out there I knew that he was going to go out there and compete and he was going to give it his all. So I don't expect anything different come Sunday. He's going to come out, compete and it's going to be fun going up against him."

On what his relationship was like in college with Clemons: "We were friends. It wasn't like we hung out all of the time, but if we did, we were cool. We had a great relationship. We talked and our lockers were almost next to each other, so we're very familiar with each other. We're both from Florida so that benefited us and that's pretty much what all the Clemson guys do that are from Florida is stick together. That's kind of what we did."

On his impression of Western New York and the city of Buffalo: "I love it up here. It's a great town. They love their team. It kind of reminds me a whole lot almost like Clemson, a very small town. But the biggest difference is this is an NFL team and the fans are very passionate. Our team is very close. So, so far it's been good."

On what Chan Gailey has been like as a head coach and what he has learned from him: "He's a great coach. He comes out every day and he's looking to get better. That's the main thing, how can you get better, how can you help the team get better. That's what he preaches to us and that's what we have to be able to do is get better each day."

On how he is handling the fact that most people are counting the Bills out this year in the AFC East: "That's their own opinion. We're not worried about that. We're only worried about the 53-men that are in this locker room. Everyone is going to voice their opinion about every team and who will do what. But we just have to stay the course and believe. We can't get distracted by what's being said about the team or what's not being said. We just have to stay the course and just take one game at a time."

On how he is handling being the face of the franchise as a rookie: "I just prepare myself. I don't put too much on me and I have a great supporting cast around me that's been wonderful so far. I just try to go out there and play…. Every day is just football and just really grown men going against other grown men and that's the approach that I take. I just try to go out there and give it my all and try to help my team win."

On how much interest the Dolphins showed in him heading into the Draft and how much he thought they might draft him: "I wasn't sure. I met with them while I was at the combine and had a good conversation with them. But that was about it. Other than that, I was just like everybody else, waiting to hear my name called."

On if he didn't have a sense the Dolphins were interested in him going into the Draft: "No, I didn't have a sense of anything. I was just spending time with my family and my daughter and just trying to keep my mind off of it. Really not getting too overexcited, but at the same time being excited. And once my name was called by the Buffalo Bills I was like a little kid in a candy store. I was happy."

On what Florida NFL team he was a fan of growing up: "I really didn't have a favorite team growing up. I really just watched guys play and I was a fan of the NFL. I don't think I really can pinpoint one team that I just followed my whole time growing up. I just liked certain guys that were on certain teams and guys that played the game the right way."

On how he would describe Coach Gailey's offense: "It's been a great offense. There's a lot that we can do. We can do very explosive things, guys just have to know what we're doing and like I said, we've got a lot of talent and he's going to try to do his best to use that talent. So far we've done that and we just have to continue to do that."

On what makes Dolphins RB Ronnie Brown so effective in the Wildcat: "I'm not sure. I just watch it on TV. I get a first-hand experience doing it live once they come in on Sunday and I don't really know how good or what makes him really good at it. I just know that they've been very productive when they do run it. Hopefully that'll be one aspect we try to slow down."

On how challenging it is to take a direct snap: "I ran it in college, so it's not very difficult. The center just has to make a great snap. It's like catching a pass from a quarterback pretty much. You just have to have a great snap, and if you don't, you still have to be able to adjust. And Ronnie's done a great job for the Dolphins doing that. I'm pretty sure all of his snaps haven't been accurate."

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