From the Locker Room

The Dolphins left Buffalo on Sunday with a 1-0 record following their 15-10 victory over the Bills. Here's a sampling of what the players had to say following the game.


On summing up his overall performance today: "I thought at times we were executing the right way and other times we didn't, but the most important thing is we came out with a win."

On the offense not making many mistakes: "The biggest thing was no turnovers, and I think we had one penalty on offense, and you can keep yourself in the game by not doing that."

On how the offense was successful converting on third down: "It's tough on third and long, you're either looking down the field to get a shot or you're checking the ball down. Our guys just ran some good routes out there, Davone (Bess, WR) a couple times made some big plays and Brandon made some big plays too."

On his long pass to Brandon Marshall in the first half that fell short: "I don't know what happened. I literally thought I threw it hard enough, but I've just got to give him a little bit more, trust him and get the ball out in front of him."

On what he thought of the Dolphins defense today: "I thought they did a great job. What was it, 157 total yards they held them to? They got us the ball with some good field position in the first half, and they stopped them at the end. They gave us the ball and the chance to run out the clock."

On his general impressions moving forward after today's performance: "I think we just need to go back to work and we've got to concentrate. I've got to put the ball in better places and become a little bit more accurate and we have to come up with more catches out there, and get the ball in the playmakers' hands. Overall it wasn't pretty, but we got some things done."

On the balanced attack of the offense: "Yes, I thought Coach Henning did a great job with the game plan mixing the run and mixing the pass in, even though on some of the third downs we ran the ball and got the first down on third and six. He gave us some checks and some audibles out there with the run and the pass."

On his touch pass to Fasano that set up the Dolphins touchdown: "We worked on that in practice, I hit it in practice, so I felt confident with the throw. Anthony was on a linebacker and did a great job with the route, and I just gave him a little bit of arch so he could get the ball and didn't have to throw it real hard to him."

On what it means to get off to a 1-0 start: "It's great. We were preaching that as soon as we got into OTA's and minicamp. Start fast. We haven't started fast in previous two or three years, and a win right now will build some confidence."

On if there is frustration that they didn't score more points: "Yes, definitely. I think some of the third down drives hurt us when we didn't convert. If we're in that red zone, we need to execute and convert and score some points. Overall if we're down there, we just have to be confident, take care of the ball, and score some points."

On if he felt comfortable, because at times he looked uncomfortable: "Give them credit, they pressured at times and made us get the ball out a little bit quicker, but that's what teams are going to do. They saw in the preseason some teams got us with defensive pressure, but we just have to stay under there and make plays while we are out there."

On how the schedule gets tougher for the Dolphins in the weeks ahead: "None of the games are easy in this league, they are all hard. We have a challenge up ahead of us in Minnesota, they're a great team and a playoff team, so we have to go and play our best game next week."


On the team's overall performance: "I think we did a pretty good job. We won the football game, but at the same time do I think there's room for improvement? Definitely. I think there's some things we can improve on, but ultimately our goal was to come out here and get a win."

On why the offense wasn't able to finish on some of their plays: "Those guys made some plays at key times. They did some things to get us in bad situations. Obviously, when you get into third and longs, it's hard to convert in those situations. At the same time, we need to just keep grinding. I don't think we had a lot of penalties, we didn't have many turnovers, so that's good. At the same time, we've got to be a little bit more efficient in some areas."

On the Bills defense mixing things up at halftime: "I think they came out and did some different things. They blitzed us a little bit more and they gave us some different looks. Those guys go in and make adjustments as well, so they did a good job from that standpoint. Ultimately, we've just got to come in and continue to be effective, efficient and move the football."

On Davone Bess being effective: "He does some great things and makes great plays. He's a reliable guy. Whatever down, whatever it may be, if you need a play, he'll make a play. That's why we've got a lot of faith in him."

On making big running plays in the first half: "I think the offensive line did a great job of getting a body on a body and giving us a little bit of room to run the football. They gave us a few holes, a few creases and we were able to move the football down the field and be effective in the run a little bit. We were able to catch some passes as well, so we were kind of able to mix it up and keep them off guard a little bit."


On the sack: "My first couple years I was doing the same thing. I was coming untouched just like that, it brought me home. It took me back to my first couple years in Arizona; you'll have to check that out. I just felt at home."

On if the sack set the tone for the defense: "I think so; I want to thank Coach Nolan for dialing it up so soon. I just want to make the guys around me better and making a play like that makes the guys around me play harder. When you make a play like that you know. The guys get to celebrate with you and just have fun."

On the recent slow starts and winning today: "It's huge especially in the division, it's like we're up 2-0 in the division because we got one on the road. It's hard to win on the road, and to get a big win like we did today it's just like winning two."

On playing against C.J. Spiller: "Team defense, that's the only way you can stop a guy like that. He is very dynamic he causes a lot of different problems out on the field. He's a great player with a bright future in this league so we had to play a lot of team defense to slow him down."

On how he was able to be free: "I was hiding behind (Cameron) Wake, Wake's a threat. Somebody's got to make a decision (on who to block). Coach Nolan did a great job of dialing up the play, we just put it in this week a matter of fact, we executed well."

On if the key to the Miami defense is to create confusion: "The key to our defense is to play hard, fly around to the ball, team defense. If you play team defense with everybody getting to the ball you're going to have success."

On if he likes the way he's being used in the defense: "Definitely, I'm all over the place. You can't really pinpoint me; I've got a lot of guys around me. All I'm trying to do is make them better as ball players."

On the quality tackling job of the Miami defense: "We were making tackles all over the place, like I said it's team defense. That's what we pride ourselves on, flying around playing together and playing hard."

On the other defensive players: "Making tackles in the open field is huge. When you can have guys step up like that and play to another level it's awesome, especially rookies."


On winning the game: "Wins don't come easy in this league so we're excited to get this win."

On the offensive performance: "Like I said I don't believe in the whole chemistry thing, everybody's got a job to do. Chad has to go through a progression, read the defense, read coverage and we have to run the route that is called. It's all one machine."

On the play of the defense: "Our defense holding (Buffalo) to 157 total yards is amazing, but we know it's hard to play in this league and we just have to be consistent. We feed off of one another."

More on the win: "I felt good, like I said earlier wins don't come easily in this game and for us to come out here on the road and to get a win feels good."

On the Buffalo coverage: "Actually they mixed it up a little bit, they did a great job of scheming our passing game, we took what they were giving us but for the most part they said we would have to beat them on the ground. Hats off to our offensive linemen, when it was time for us to get some of the clock they did a great job of opening up holes, it was very impressive."

On the long pass attempt: "I'm not sure, it was one of those things where you take a shot and it's a 50/50 chance. Hopefully next time we complete it."

On learning how to put a team away: "Like I said, it's hard to get wins in this league. Whether you win 15-10 or 31-7 it doesn't matter, it's always a win any given Sunday."

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