Henne Ready for Dome

Don't try to scare Chad Henne with tales of the noisy Metrodome. The Dolphins quarterback actually has positive memories of the place after leading Michigan to a 28-14 road win over Minnesota as a college junior in 2006. Henne went 17-of-24 passing for 284 yards, three touchdowns and no interceptions that day. His passer rating of 150 was the second-highest of his four-year career.

"I think it's fun," Henne said of the Metrodome, where the Dolphins will play the Vikings on Sunday. "It can get very loud, but that thing is great. As a quarterback, I mean, there's no wind. You're just throwing on the air out there and it feels good for a quarterback."

Of course, the Dolphins and Vikings won't be playing for the Little Brown Jug at a place where the Dolphins are 0-3 all-time.

Thursday's practice was held outdoors with simulated crowd noise pumped in via speakers. It was the fifth time in the past two weeks the Dolphins practiced with noise blaring; they also had to prepare for rowdy Buffalo in Week 1.

"I've never played in the Metrodome but I've played in some domes before," Dolphins wide receiver Brandon Marshall said. "I know it gets pretty loud up there, but hey, if we're playing in Indianapolis and you can't hear ... it's all the same. You can't hear, so you have to communicate well."

The Dolphins are 2-2 under Tony Sparano in regular-season dome games, but that includes a neutral-site win over the Bills at Toronto in 2008. The losses came in the season opener last year in Atlanta and 31-10 at Arizona in Game 2 of the Sparano era.

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