Henne's Choice

Quarterback Chad Henne admitted Thursday he is more comfortable under center than in the shotgun. This explains why the Dolphins keep him there at times even in obvious passing downs and will probably do so again on Monday night against New England.

"Just being under center I feel like I can see the safeties a little bit more, feel the coverage more," Henne said. "When you're in the shotgun, I think when you're taking the snap you have a split second where you don't see the safeties rotate or know where people are at ... and I just feel so much better where I can feel everything in front of my face and keep my eyes up when I'm under center."

Dolphins coach Tony Sparano said former quarterback Drew Bledsoe had the same preference in Dallas.

"Some guys sometimes, being back there in the shotgun, sometimes you can take your eye off of the look, off of the coverage," Sparano said. "Depending on where the snap is, you got to focus and concentrate on getting the ball. Just that little time that it takes, this thing could change. Some guys like to have it in their hand and see the picture.

"Drew Bledsoe was like that. He really would rather be under the center. He didn't want to be in the shotgun."

There's also a timing aspect.

"The other thing is, from a rhythm standpoint when you're throwing it, catching the ball in the shotgun and then getting your footwork right and throwing the ball, sometimes you can lose just that one tick that it takes maybe to make that throw. You're not loaded in time. ... Chad would rather have the ball in his hand."

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