Reality Check

Wasn't it just two weeks ago that the Dolphins were 2-0, coming off a tremendous victory at Minnesota and looking very much like a team that could make major noise in the AFC playoff race? Things sure have changed since then, and now we're left to wonder exactly just how good these Dolphins really are.

For sure, they're not as bad as the outfit that lost by 27 points at home to a New England team that isn't as good as it has been in the past. Then again, it's obvious that the 2-0 start was somewhat of a mirage, accomplished against a really bad Buffalo team and a Minnesota team completely out of sync because of Brett Favre's obligatory late appearance in the preseason combined with the absence of his best receiver, Sidney Rice.

Ironically, the concern after those first two games was the offense because the Dolphins scored only 15 and 14 points in winning back-to-back games on the road.

Now, the entire team is a concern.

Is Chad Henne good enough at quarterback?

Why is the running game not producing more?

Is it time to dump the Wildcat?

Why can't Brian Hartline be more consistent?

Is the offensive line good enough?

Why is nobody else other than Cameron Wake getting to the quarterback?

Is Jason Allen reverting back to his old form when he was a liability on defense whenever he was in the game?

Are the Dolphins strong enough against the run?

And what about the special teams? That entire unit is one giant question mark?

Really, this Dolphins team is filled with questions.

At 2-2, the Dolphins are doing OK, record-wise, but they've already put themselves in bad shape in terms of tiebreakers by losing at home to the Jets and Patriots.

Then again, are we really going to have to worry about making the playoffs on a tiebreaker.

This, quite frankly, does not have the look of a playoff team.

And, as usual, it comes down to personnel. Yes, it's fine and dandy that the Dolphins keep making roster move after roster move, but it's also an indication that the bottom of the roster is lacking and it's most definitely showing on special teams.

There is some front-end talent on this team, namely Brandon Marshall, Jake Long, Karlos Dansby and Vontae Davis, but you won't find too many other marquee players. Could definitely throw in Davone Bess into that mix.

Overall, though, the Dolphins are lacking.

We saw the last two weeks a team that looked clearly inferior to the Patriots and that looked maybe on par with the Jets, but that was a Jets team missing Darrelle Revis, Calvin Pace and Santonio Holmes.

Sure, the Dolphins could improve over the next few months and produce another magical run. But the events of the last two weeks, particularly Monday night, should serve as a wake-up call that this season might not be the joyride it appeared to be after two weeks.

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