Opponent Opinions: WR Chad Ochocinco

A former star at Miami Beach High School, Chad Johnson has gone on to become one of the most outspoken players in the NFL and now goes by Chad Ochocinco. He discussed Sunday's game against his hometown team in a conference call with South Florida reporters.

Here's a team-released transcript of Johnson's comments on various topics:

On NFL receivers in general getting a bad stigma and why they are viewed the way they are: "I have no idea, I have no idea. It's one of those things that I really never paid attention to. I think wide receivers are ones with the personality especially those that have a voice (you know) and are outspoken and show their personality—it's something that's frowned upon when it comes to playing receiver and being in the NFL. They more so want you to be robotic-like and those that get the stigma the ones that are outspoken and have a little bit of personality and flair to themselves."

On how he would describe his relationship with Terrell Owens: "Man, me and T (have) been friends for years. It's same ole same ole, nothing new. We just happen to be on the same team. Everything is working well, it is going just the way I expected it. As far as as a whole as a team, it's not going in the direction (you know) we wanted it. And, (I mean) it's so many things you can point at as to why this season is going this way. The one thing … the only thing we can continue to do is just work at it."

On him owing the City of Miami some touchdown dances this week: "Right now, I owe not just y'all. I owe my team. I owe more than just that, so. I'm just looking to have fun and go out here and be as consistent and as perfect as possible. I was watching the Miami defense with Coach (Marvin) Lewis. Coach Lewis and I, we always do our own film session together on the off day about 2 hours … and damn (that) defense is really good man. (laughter) No, seriously, seriously … Vontae Davis is really good, so I'm looking forward to that challenge and 91 (Cameron Wake), what's 91's name? Jesus Christ, tell him to slow down a little bit for me. (laughter) Damn, every freaking play man he has a motor, man. It's going to be awesome, it's going to be really nice."

On Vontae Davis and how good of a cornerback he is: "Very good, very good. Based off of what I've seen on film, the consistency that he's had…everybody gets beat but, when you watch Vontae (Davis) play and you see someone like himself be able to put himself and be in position every time, at least to make a play on the ball —that puts you in that upper echelon of cornerbacks and that's what I see in him, so. I'm looking forward to that and really gauging myself. It will tell me where my game is regardless of how long I've been playing and what I've done in the past. But going against a corner like this it lets me know where I am as far as being a … still an elite receiver."

On how they approach facing a young secondary like the Dolphins: "Nah, no different, man. (To) tell you the truth, honestly the game plan is still the same, it's not about age out there. Whether you're young, whether you're old, the game plan is still the same. Nothing has changed regardless of the age of the corners we're going against. So, I think we will still be a run-first-oriented team, trying to get Ced (Cedric Benson) going and hopefully the run opens up the pass."

On Jordan Shipley and his thoughts on him: "Shipley is really good, man, really, really good. He's very dangerous in the slot. He's very dangerous in the slot … and he's ahead of the curve. For him to be a rookie, he's caught on so fast and we haven't missed a beat offensively. We started really slow, but when we're on, oh my goodness, we're really on. And he's been a big help, big help to this offense."

On if this is same Carson Palmer of maybe 4 or 5 years ago: "Yeah. A lot of people always ask that. I'm not sure what you guys see from the outside looking in, but I'm with the guy every day. Nothing changed, nothing has changed."

On what is the problem with their three-game losing streak: "I don't know … penalties, man, we're killing ourselves. Man, penalties, just little stuff like that … mistakes, missed assignments, (you know) just little stuff. And then the funny thing about it is is every team has the same issues, right, but we're not consistent enough to overcome those issues like most teams that are really good. You can have your false starts, you can have a dropped pass here or there, but with us we have to damn near be perfect because we're not at a point where we're able to overcome those mistakes. Everything is magnified when you're losing."

On what has Terrell Owens' presence opened up for him and vice versa: "Both of us we're going to do what we do regardless, regardless. Now, you've got to pick your poison, which one you want to stop. You stop me, T.O. (Terrell Owens) will kill ya … you stop T.O., then I can hurt ya in many different ways, so. It goes hand in hand. You've got two elite receivers on the same team that can really play, that can really play. It's refreshing, it's fun. It's just not adding up to what we thought it would be yet."

On how frustrating gain consistency in regards to the receiving corps: "It's the NFL, that's how it goes, man. One week you get into a game and a team will tell ya you're not going to throw the ball and you'll have to rely on the running game, so. We just have to be able to find that balance where both things work for us on our behalf."

On going against a team that has players like Brandon Marshall and Davone Bess and if that motivates them more to try and outdo them out on the field: "Nah, funny thing we don't even think about that stuff, man. Not at all, not at all."

On WR duos in the NFL and where he would rank himself and Terrell Owens among those duos: "I mean, we're up there, you know, just based off what we've done in the past. But if you have to think about what we've done to this point, we're OK, we're OK. It's our first year playing together … everybody expects fireworks and it's just not like that. Similar to the (Miami) Heat last night — everybody expect the (Miami) Heat to come out and just be awesome but it's a work in progress and so are T.O. (Terrell Owens) and I coinciding on the same team."

On what's been the reaction in Cincinnati to the Sports Illustrated player poll about T.O. being the most overrated player in the NFL: "I don't think there's any credibility to the sources on something like that … I don't see ... I mean, this is the NFL, everyone here is here for a reason. I don't understand how you become overrated all of sudden when you've accomplished so much in a game where they're only 1,500 people out of millions in the world but all of a sudden you're overrated. So, I mean it makes no sense."

On if he has any kind of relationship with Brandon Marshall and what he likes about him and his personality: "Yeah, oh man, that's my boy! Yeah, B (Brandon Marshall) is awesome, man. B is another one who's an extremely extremely talented dude. Extremely talented. One of the most dangerous, probably the most dangerous with the ball in his hands after the catch and he's a joy to watch. He reminds of a … remember Peter Warrick at Florida State. Every time Peter Warrick — I don't know if you guys can remember —but every time Peter Warrick caught the ball you'd hold your breath because you'd never know what the hell (was) going to happen. He'd be on the left side and he'd reverse field and that's the type of player Brandon (Marshall) is. He's really really exciting to see play. The funny thing is I can't watch to watch him and I'm on the opposite side of the field but I don't want him to do too bad but I just want to see him do something good. And so, man, he's cool. We hang out in the offseason sometimes, so best of luck to him."

On his plans when he's done playing football: "I got a long … I got 10 more years to go, man. I'm trying to catch Brett (Favre). I'm not thinking about life out of football for another 10 years."

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