The Daily Take will be posted every weekday at 3 p.m. and will offer our opinion on a pertinent topic involving the Dolphins. Today we discuss the left tackle position.

We are approaching the end of March, and as it stands right now Mark Dixon still is in line to be starting at left tackle for the Dolphins next season.

That is now what Dixon would prefer and, truth be told, it's not the Dolphins' first choice, either.

The Dolphins have investigated a couple of other possibilities, such as talking to veteran Richmond Webb and bringing in former Carolina and Denver tackle Blake Brockermeyer for a visit, but nothing has been finalized as of yet.

The Dolphins reportedly are awaiting results on Brockermeyer's recovering shoulder to decide whether to make a contract offer.

Brockermeyer certainly is starting caliber, and he would figure to be in line to start should he join the Dolphins.

The Dolphins apparently don't want to bring in Webb as a starter, but wouldn't mind adding him to their roster as a backup. That's something that could happen later in the offseason if Webb can't land a starting job elsewhere.

If Brockermeyer doesn't check out physically, the Dolphins may look to the draft for a left tackle, although asking a rookie (and not even a first-rounder at that) to start at left tackle is a dicey proposition.

Somehow, you get the feeling something will happen at some point, such as June 1 when several veterans will be released.

The Dolphins would much prefer having the situation resolved before then, but the bottom line is getting the best combination possible.

And it really seems that would involve having Dixon at guard, not tackle.

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