Wake Watch

Linebacker Cameron Wake hasn't recorded even half a sack since helping Yeremiah Bell wrestle Ben Roethlisberger into a lost fumble early in the Steelers game. Could this possibly be why the Dolphins made a play for ex-Chargers linebacker Shawne Merriman, who hasn't been nearly as productive the past few seasons after opening his career looking like a future Hall of Famer?

Merriman would have cost Dolphins owner Steve Ross an additional $1.8 million the rest of the year, but it would have been well worth it had it freed up Wake to make that next leap to Elvis Dumervil territory.

Dolphins defensive coordinator Mike Nolan was asked what is happening on the opposite side from Wake. What's being done by Koa Misi, Ike Alama-Francis and at times even Quentin Moses to make sure the big dog gets to eat?

"We do a lot of things with Cam," Nolan said. "He lines up left and right. He lines up at Sam, sometimes at Will. He goes all over the place. Sometimes he follows the tight end, sometimes he does not. That's part of the game plan, and sometimes it's part of each call. That's our way of trying to combat what other teams might do to him. But they have to watch for him.

"What's happening on the other side is really just the opposite of what's happening on his side. Or I should say the same thing. If he goes left, somebody else has to go right. So it mixes it up for the other guy as well. And Koa has been doing a lot of that, although we've been in a lot of sub (packages) recently, so now it becomes a defensive lineman. But again, I think you could really say it's just both sides are ever-changing."

No matter how much opponents try to scheme against Wake, however, Nolan is confident his latest weapon can keep putting pressure on the quarterback.

"He is getting attention, he's doing well and deservedly so," Nolan said. "He's a good pass rusher. And with time I think he'll just get better and better because he's very talented."

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