Jason Allen Dumped

Talk about a precipitous fall. A mere two weeks after being a starter, Jason Allen is now gone from the Dolphins roster. He was waived on Wednesday when the team signed veteran cornerback Al Harris. So what happened to cause such a seemingly drastic move?

Harris is a 13-year veteran and two-time Pro Bowl selection, but he arrives as somewhat of a question mark after spending the first part of this season on the PUP list with Green Bay while recovering from a major knee injury.

If he can come back at 100 percent, this is a major pick-up for the Dolphins, but clearly are no guarantees.

As for Allen, it was a surprise — a big one — that he beat out second-year player Sean Smith for the starting left cornerback job and an even bigger surprise that he played really well the first two games after being mediocre player for the first four years of his NFL career.

But Allen's play began to slip during the Sunday night game against the Jets in Week 3 and it appeared evident the Dolphins had lost confidence in him.

He began giving way on defense to Smith more and more and eventually was replaced in the starting lineup for Sunday's game at Baltimore.

The last straw for Allen may have come in the game at Cincinnati the previous week when he got abused by Terrell Owens on a couple of occasions.

Last Sunday against Baltimore, Allen was nowhere to be found on defense. In fact, the only time we saw him was when he tried at the last second to sprint to cover the Ravens gunner who had been left wide open. Allen got there too late to prevent an easy completion that resulted in a Baltimore first down — although there's not been any indication that Allen was at fault on that play, especially considering the Dolphins had only 10 players on the field.

Regardless, it became clear that Allen had reverted to what we saw in his early years, a guy with some physical ability who somehow always was a liability in coverage.

There was a strong feeling early on that what we were seeing was a mirage, but the hope remained that maybe Allen indeed had turned a very large corner.

As it is, the book is now closed on what will go down as another first-round blunder, this one by Nick Saban.

Just one more reason to dislike the guy.

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