Davis Ready for Moss Rematch

Deep down, Vontae Davis must have thought he had chased Randy Moss not just out of the division but right out of the American Football Conference. It was Davis' shutout performance against Moss in Week 4 that proved the breaking point in the wide receiver's declining status in New England. That was just five weeks and two teams ago for Moss. Guess what? He's ba-aaack.

This time with the Tennessee Titans, for whom Moss will make his debut Sunday at Sun Life Stadium after a brief, stormy, return engagement in Minnesota.

"I guess he's on his revenge tour," Davis, the Dolphins' second-year cornerback, said Thursday. "He found a team he knew Miami had to play, so he's looking for me. He's looking for me now."

Davis laughed at the prospect of a potential Hall of Famer becoming obsessed with a chatty young corner, but it's not every day a talent like Moss gets held without a single catch.

Added motivation should come from the fact the Dolphins were among the 21 teams that passed on Moss despite waiver priority over the Titans.

The three previous times Moss made his debut with a new team after flaming out somewhere else, he has averaged six receptions for 131 yards and a touchdown. Each of those debuts included one touchdown.

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