From The Other Side: Delhomme at QB

Jake Delhomme will be the starting quarterback for the Browns when they face the Dolphins Sunday in Miami in spite of his bad habit of throwing interceptions. Rookie Colt McCoy has a sprained left ankle that forced him to miss the game last week against the Panthers. McCoy was held out of practice Wednesday and Thursday.

Delhomme threw a 41-yard touchdown pass to Mohamed Massaquoi on his second possession as a Browns quarterback for a 7-0 lead over the Buccaneers on Sept. 12. Since then he has thrown six interceptions and no touchdown passes.

Delhomme threw eight touchdown passes and 18 interceptions last season in Carolina. In a divisional playoff game at the end of 2008 he threw one touchdown pass and five interceptions. Add it up and it's 10 touchdown passes and 29 interceptions in the last 15 games for Delhomme.

"It's like anything else," coach Eric Mangini said. "You take some high-risk chances. They hit sometimes and it's great. Then you take some high-risk chances and they don't, and it's not very good.

"If it's not there, it's not there. Not every play has to be extended. Sometimes the best thing to do is just throw it away. I've had a year with someone who is known as a chance taker, so I've lived through that."

Mangini was referring to 2008 when he coached the Jets with Brett Favre at quarterback.

Delhomme threw two interceptions last week in his first start since the opener. Mangini said Panthers linebacker Jon Beason made "a really good play" to intercept a pass intended for Brian Robiskie and that Massaquoi was grabbed on the second. Panthers cornerback Captain Munnerlyn intercepted the pass and returned it 37 yards for a touchdown.

Mangini also said Delhomme was late throwing the pass Munnerlyn picked off.

"I'm not making any excuses or anything like that, but there were things in both of those plays that when you look at it objectively and unemotionally, you understand it a little bit better," Mangini said. "With Jake, he wants to do what's right and he wants to do what's in the best interest of the team and he brings a ton of positive things.

"Unfortunately, we're talking about the turnovers, but the other things that he did for us offensively allowed us to move the ball against a team that is tough to move the ball against, and is a scheme that is tough for us to move the ball against, which is even a bigger factor. He put us in a lot of good positions. What you want to do is eliminate those mistakes that become gigantic mistakes."

Four of the six interceptions Delhomme has thrown this season were thrown after he suffered a sprained right ankle in Tampa, including the play on which he was injured.

Delhomme has the backing of his teammates. Rust was a factor last week; it was Delhomme's first start in 10 weeks. Rust should not be a factor in Miami.

"I really like who Jake is and how he plays the game," center Alex Mack said. "I think he's a great guy to have around. I love his excitement in the huddle, but he's not overly excited.

"He's calm in the huddle. He gets the play in and you can tell there's fire there. You just want to play f or him, which is really great. So Jake being back in there and having that experience and being able to run that no-huddle stuff, I think it ran really well."

Seven of the 24 passes Delhomme completed were to Robiskie. Before the Carolina game, Robiskie caught nine passes in 10 games.

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