Opponent Opinions: CB Joe Haden

The Browns looked to help their defense in the 2010 draft when they took University of Florida cornerback Joe Haden with the seventh overall pick. After starting the season in a backup role, Haden has been starting of late. He talked about his rookie season, facing Chad Henne in a bowl game and Sunday's game, among other topics, in a conference call with South Florida reporters this week.

Here's a transcript of his conference call:

On if he has previously faced Chad Henne any other times besides the Capital One Bowl in 2002: "No, that was the only time."

On what he remembers about that game: "He basically picked our secondary apart at Florida. We had a really young secondary, but they threw for a whole lot of yards against us."

On Henne playing well the last couple of games: "He looks like he's getting a whole lot more confident and a whole lot better. Basically, we just see that he has a lot of potential and he is able to pick us apart if he comes out and plays like he has been."

On if it was an adjustment to be a starter all four years at Florida to coming in for nickel packages in the NFL: "It was a little bit different, definitely, to not be on the field all the time. When you play and when you start, you get a flow for the game. You get to see how it's going, what routes they like to run and stuff like that. When you just come in on third downs, sometimes you don't really have a flow. That was the main difference, not being loose and not playing as much."

On if he started getting more playing time after he made his first interception against Pittsburgh going into the game at New Orleans: "It was the same thing, I still had the same amount of playing time after the Pittsburgh game. The reason why I started getting more playing time was due to injury. When Sheldon (Brown) went down, then I started playing more. The next game after that, (Eric) Wright went down and I started playing more."

On if they had a bye week after they beat New Orleans: "Yes."

On having three interceptions in the previous four games was a result of anything he had been working on or a product of more playing time: "Sometimes with the more playing time they give you, the more opportunities [there are] to make plays. I have been in the games more, so it's just more chances I've had to make plays. I've been studying more film, me and T.J. (Ward) have been coming in every Monday and Tuesday together when we are off and watching a little extra film with Coach (Rob) Ryan and then watch some by ourselves. Just studying an opponent and feeling more comfortable and we feel like the game is starting to slow down, so it makes it a whole lot easier to make plays."

On what challenges Brandon Marshall will pose for their secondary Sunday: "He's an outstanding athlete. He's big, fast and strong. He's what you look for in the prototype of a wide receiver. One of my strengths is my physicality, but he's so big that you are going to just have to try and get your hands on him and if that's not working, try to stay from high to low. Make sure he doesn't get vertical and you can be able to react to any of the short routes."

On Coach Mangini saying he was excelling on the practice field and it being only a matter of time until he played more in games: "I'm just trying to prove (myself) every day at practice and he looks at my work ethic and sees that I'm just trying to make sure nobody catches balls on me and making sure I know my alignment and assignment. They see it. They see what I'm trying to do and I just feel like I keep wanting it every day and am working hard. I don't really say too much, I just let my play do my talking for me."

On if practicing against Joshua Cribbs and the Browns' Wildcat offense is good preparation for the Wildcat offense that they might see from the Miami Sunday: "Definitely, especially during the offseason at the very beginning during OTAs and training camp. We always had to go against the offense and Cribbs and the Wildcat were something that they did a lot. We did not have other teams to prepare for, we just had to prepare for ourselves. We did a whole bunch of defenses in a whole lot of ways trying to stop Josh Cribbs."

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