Opponent Opinions: QB Mark Sanchez

Similar to what Chad Henne has been going through in Miami, Mark Sanchez has had a roller-coaster ride at quarterback for the Jets this season. The ups have included some great comebacks, such as the overtime victories over the Browns and Lions, while the low point probably was his three-interception night on Monday against New England.

Sanchez talked about his season, as well as facing the Dolphins again, in a conference call with South Florida reports. Here is a team-released transcript of Sanchez's comments:

On how the team rebounds from the loss against New England: "I think the most important thing is to just understand the magnitude of this next game and to take the positives from last game, although there aren't many, and learn from the mistakes from last game, which there are plenty of. (We need to) take the most important ones and move on with them. As a quarterback coming back, you just have to make better decisions with the football and be more accurate. That's me personally. Each guy has their own set of things that they want to get better from last game. We know this a huge game for us. It could potentially clinch a spot in the playoffs for us. The Dolphins are fighting for a spot in there, too. This is an important game for them. If last week's (game) was big, this one's even bigger. Our focus is definitely on the Dolphins. We've moved past the New England loss."

On what concerns him most about Miami's defense: "They're playing at a real high level. We've seen it all over the film. Their defensive line gets great pressure. The guys in the back end have kind of solidified things since we've been there with (Sean) Smith and Vontae Davis. Vontae Davis has played well since his rookie year. He's a heck of a player. We think a lot of him. The same thing with Smith. I think he's one of their better corners before and he wasn't even playing . He's one of those long-armed guys that can run. (He's) real rangy (and has) good ball skills. They have two really good corners. Their safeties try to keep everything in front of them. Yeremiah Bell is a great player in the box. Even when he has to play in coverage, he does a good job. It's an active front. If (Channing) Crowder plays, he's one of the toughest guys we play all year, without a doubt. (Karlos) Dansby's really added to their front seven. They've got guys across the board. There's no surprise why they're doing so well on defense."

On if he's seen Miami's young corners develop as the season goes on: "I think they work really well together. They do a good job in their schemes and they do a good job keeping things in front of them. Vontae Davis, I thought a lot of him in college. I know he's becoming a great cornerback. He's going to be a really good cornerback for a long time it looks like. He's in a good system down there. They think a lot of him, I'm sure, and so do we. It's a good young group. They're tough now. They've seen a lot of football for being young corners. It's always a good matchup. They always seem to play us tough. That's kind of their thing. (Against) division opponents, they do a really good job."

On how much pressure he feels from being a first-round pick for the Jets: "I don't know. I feel like Rex (Ryan) and I handle the pressure together. He's got broad enough shoulders for the both of us. He's so good about constantly reminding me that we have to stick it out for 10 years together and hopefully win a couple of championships along the way. That's all I think about. I don't think about the pressure really. I love the guys on our team. I know that we have playmakers and that this team goes as far as my good or bad decisions will take them. It's imperative for me to take care of the football and prepare my tail off and help these guys and get the best out of everybody. I don't feel like there's an inordinate amount of pressure for a first-round pick and a franchise quarterback."

On his relationship with Chad Henne: "We haven't talked too much since I've been in the NFL. We say hi before every game. Obviously, having the same agent, we see each other in California whenever he's at Athlete's First. He's one of those guys who has a rocket for an arm. He has a great demeanor. He's one of those guys you just admire. He has the ability to just shake things off. Whether he's a starter or they benched him, he's got the same facial expressions. He's almost stoic. He always was a competitor when we were throwing just in drills. It could have been warming up. It could have been target practice with the nets working out in California. This guy is a competitor. He wants to win in everything. It's always fun to play against him. He always seems to play well against us. I'm fired up for his success and I think he's done a very good job and hasn't gotten too much credit."

On the offense keeping up with the defense's performance: "We are competitive. Last year, we couldn't have possibly done as much as we have done this year because I was new and we were moving pieces along the way. Getting Braylon (Edwards) part of the way through the year. Not having Santonio (Holmes) at the beginning of this year. So there have been some moving parts on offense where the defense hasn't. There's just a different scheme. It's just that there are so many more moving parts an offense (has to have) to function correctly, but the way our guys play on defense it's competitive. When we go against them every week for different drills, it's always a battle. We want to compete with them and we want to be the best and beat them just like they want to beat us. It's good practice for the games. If we can play well against our defense, than I feel like we can play well against anybody. It's a good challenge for us. There is no real pressure. We put the pressure on ourselves to compete against each other."

On Chad Pennington overcoming a shoulder injury: "I've never had a shoulder injury, but someone like Chad, I know from Kellen Clemens being really close with him, that he's a competitor as well. It could be his eighth surgery. This is a guy who's wants to play or coach or do something to help his team. I know where his head is at. He just wants to get healthy enough to play again because he's such a good player when he's healthy. When it comes to injuries, it's just one of those things that you can't really put your finger on. I just know that when you do get injured, it's all about the rehab and the mentality that you take into it. I know Chad will do fine. If it's in the cards, you're going to end up injured no matter what. That's how it goes. It's a physical game. It's unfortunate because some of the best guys have gotten hurt. It's just something you try to fight against. You lift all the weights, you run and at the end of the day, you can't really do anything else but pray that you come out healthy at the end of each game."

On the wind at the New Meadowlands Stadium: "I don't think it's been as windy as it was last year or maybe it's just a sign that it's not as windy. These next couple of games are going to be the ones that we will really be able to tell."

On Miami playing the Browns defense and how it relates to them playing the Jets: "I would have thought that going into the game, but while there may be some similarities, they have their own fingerprint. I wish it was the same thing. Maybe it wouldn't have gone into overtime if we nailed the defense earlier. It was definitely different. With different players you have to scheme a little different and change things up. They both have done that. Probably a distant cousin I would call it."

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