Murtha Meets Former Nebraska Teammate

Throughout Ndamukong Suh's award-winning college career, he typically dominated anyone who dared to line up across from him. But one Cornhuskers offensive lineman in particular hit back hard enough to get Suh's attention. That was Lydon Murtha, now starting at right tackle for the Dolphins, Suh's opponent this Sunday.

"Me and Lydon had a couple of Husker battles that I'm sure you can ask him about," says Suh, the Lions' highly productive rookie defense tackle. "I always enjoyed going against him."

For Murtha, the feeling was mutual.

"We'd line up and just hit each other," Murtha says, "but when we'd hit each other it wouldn't be just to hit. It would be the first person to be able to almost take the other person down. We went after it again and again and again."

And who typically got the better of those practice showdowns?

"Always me," Murtha says. "Always me. Suh will tell you. I always won."

Somehow, the No. 1 overall pick of this year's NFL draft left out that part, but those two will probably have a chance to revisit their Husker Drill days at some point Sunday.

Although Suh plays mostly inside, where he has eight sacks and is a runaway choice as the league's top defensive rookie, his relentless talent almost certainly will demand plenty of double teams.

That's where Murtha comes in. They hit Lincoln, Neb., as part of the same recruiting class, Murtha as the nation's top prep offensive tackle and Suh as the No. 6 defensive tackle.

Murtha matriculated from Minnesota, Suh from Oregon. Only a serious knee injury that caused Suh to redshirt in 2005 kept them from entering the NFL together as well. They could have been teammates again with the Lions, who drafted Murtha in the seventh round in 2009 but lost him off their practice squad to the Dolphins last year.

If there are any tricks to slowing Suh, Murtha will pass them along to his fellow linemen.

"I'm going to talk to them about how he likes to play," Murtha says. "If I can offer any help to them, I will. Trust me, we're going to watch a lot of film on him and we're going to know what to do."

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